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  1. Hang in there - not sure I can tell you anything tonight. But I do have two web sites on TCH where I do have the cgiemail and cgiecho files in my local cgi-bin. However, I just tried to go to another one of my web sites, and it did not have it - and even after trying to enable cgiemail -- it didn't show up. But it's too late for me to work on it now. Perhaps tomorrow! -kw
  2. Running 'gpg --version' on my TCH server gives me the following: -kw
  3. Go to the TCH Help Web Site - and click on the link 'List of current servers and IP address' -- you were given an IP address to temporarily use when you signed up. -kw
  4. Good link --- with good suggestions. I've been a little disappointed of late with Adaware's tech support. I am currently comparing it to SpyBot. I've been using Trend for the last several year's on both personal PC's and Microsoft Exchange Server's. Trend has consistenly worked well - with NO viruses getting through -- and automatically checks for updates every hour. -kw
  5. KevinW

    New Host?

    Well, Andy, if we ever get back to jolly ole' England, I do hope you will teach me the fine art of drinking the local brew! :-) kw
  6. My good friend, Thomas ... welcome aboard! -kw
  7. NickelDime -- just to add a "real time experience": When I finally was ready to move my site from DellHost to TCH a couple of months ago, everything moved, and all the DNS propogated within about 3 days as expected. Everyone could see my site --- EXCEPT FOR ME!!! With the help of Ricky and others, we determined that my ISP provider (Verizon) actually have 4 DNS servers, and two of the four had updated (propogated) my web site correctly, but the other two were still pointing to my old site -- even a week later! I contacted Verizon, and they said "Oh, no, all our DNS servers are up to date". I then sent then "proof" that showed them otherwise. Within an hour, it was all working! But do you think Verizon would even say thanks? -kw
  8. Ok, get your guitars and start singing: One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock .... ROCK Four o'clock, five o'clock, six o'clock .... ROCK Seven o'clock, eight o'clock, nine o'clock .... ROCK We're gonna rock around the clock tonight! -kw
  9. Just curious ... did this problem begin after cPanel version 6 was rolled out, or before? -kw
  10. Hey, llama -- see if Larry's suggestion works for you (perl conf.pl) - if it does, please let us know -I'd be happy to update the TCH help web site accordingly! kw
  11. KevinW

    New Host?

    Welcome aboard, Sam! Now you know what I do with my other free time --- click here! -kw
  12. I can't answer about prior 'bash' users, but jailshell is the only one to be provided for new requests effective today. Let me see what else I can find out for you! -kw
  13. I might suggest a different approach. In the Squirrel Mail README file it says: When I installed SquirrelMail on a site a few months ago, I did the 2nd option - editing the config.php manually. It was fairly painless, as there were only a couple of lines that needed editing in order to get it up and running. -kw
  14. Some good news: First, you are the admin owner of the domain name, which means that you can or should be able to make the necessary changes. Second, small world --- you live in Riverview, FL - I live in Brandon, FL!!! Third, here is what Whois reports: Domain Name: STARGAITSHETLANDS.COM Registrar: MELBOURNE IT, LTD. D/B/A INTERNET NAMES WORLDWIDE Whois Server: whois.melbourneit.com Referral URL: http://www.melbourneit.com Name Server: NS8.SAN.YAHOO.COM Name Server: NS9.SAN.YAHOO.COM Status: ACTIVE Updated Date: 23-nov-2002 Creation Date: 22-nov-2001 Expiration Date: 22-nov-2003 Fourth, so I would suggest containcting Melbourneit.com ar http://www.melbourneit.com.au/index.php adn explain our situation Fifth: you see the entries for NS8.SAN.YAHOO.COm and NS9.SAN.YAHOO.COM? Those are what you eventually want to change to the appropriate TCH name servers. You will or should have received that information when you sign up for a TCH web site. Good luck, kw
  15. Way to go, everybody. I'll make sure this is added to the TCH Help Web site el pronto! TCH Rocks -kw
  16. The only thing I fixed on that page was the typo (a comma instead of a period) that Larry had pointed out: www,yoursite.com/... was changed to www.yoursite.com/... If someone has further recommendations for changes to the instruction, please let me know by posting or email! Thanks, kw
  17. BTW -- it just happened to me -- let me explain and perhaps it may be a clue. I just had logged on to the forum and had two pages of links in the 'New post' area. I had only read thru a few of the links, and had responded to some. All of a sudden, I went from 2 full pages down to just three new links. I then noticed that the time had just switched to 3pm (local Florida time). I then recalled that several times in the past that I lost new links -- it was always at the top of the hour. So, I'm wondering if perhaps you have some type of cronjob associated with this forum that is purging messages at the top of the hour? -kw
  18. Thanks -- and here I thought it was just me! -kw
  19. SSH access is available upon request and approval. There are two alternatives for a PHP scripted SSH look alike. For more info, click here. -kw
  20. Is this a great country, or what? Wow -- "two, two mints in one" -- or is it "you can have it your way"? Thanks, Lianna -kw
  21. Flashram -- suggest posting your issue at the appropriate Microsoft newsgroup - click here to locate them -kw
  22. KevinW


    java ... java ... java ... is that George of the Jungle roaming about? -kw
  23. good alternative - but my little "keychain thingy" fits on my keychain, and fits easily into my shirt or pants pocket, with no extra cable to deal with! :-) -kw
  24. So, the resolution to the problem was to wait until the update for your web / DNS name server had propogated? Good. -kw
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