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  1. Use Pegasus on both my desktop and laptop. They both are identical and yet I cannot send using my laptop? I've *always* been able to send using my domain and POP3 is an absolute necessaity when I get a host. I just got back in town and now I'm also getting errors on another domain. Won't let me receive or send?
  2. I just set-up my laptop with the same info I use on my desktop and when I try to send I am getting a TCP/IP error? If the sending and receiving info in the email reader is all OK...why am I having this trouble? My desktop uses cable and my laptop is a modem. Anyone have clues why I can receive but not send when all the info matches the 2 systems (except the connection)???
  3. Add me to this list also. I frequently send these kind of emails to my various domains....and I'm getting ready to move ALL my domains here. I also have a hubby who needs me to send .exe files I didn't get why you can't send a url? That's not .exe
  4. This is REALLY weird! I am not getting any email from outside my site. This just started today and I'm unclear what the problem is...because it checks but has nothing coming in. It sends OK...but obviously I don't know if it is being received by the other party. Is there a block on my email from coming in somewhere? Username: cheryl@roadtoretire.com
  5. SUCCESS!!! Yea! I got it figured out and now it's working! I deleted the name, re-entered it and now it is working. Pegasus required authentication by doing a prior Pop3 check PLUS the username and password. Your screen shot helped a LOT....Head Guru!!!! Thank you...now I feel confident moving my other domains over! Sorry for the delay replying...been too busy launching the website...trying to get it ready for the Public...still not quite there.
  6. OK...that is exactly what my screen looks like. All of my other domains are on Port 25 too. Earthlink says it Does Block Port 25 but it is so someone on Another Connection cannot use their server. I'm connected so it lets me put anything through. When I am connected with earthlink/time warner...it is NOT blocked for me. My other domains require I CHECK email before I can send any and that is how they authenticate me. Earthlink doesn't care if I route through them or anyone else. They said it takes the load off them and they are perfectly fine about that! It is still
  7. I just had my partner send me a test from her account...and she is on Cox.net but here is her headers and she was able to connect to the SMTP: Return-Path: <lizcole@roadtoretire.com> Delivered-To: stayhome-com-cheryl@stayhome.com Received: (qmail 84767 invoked from network); 10 Apr 2003 23:39:25 -0000 Received: from unknown (HELO server17.totalchoicehosting.com) ( by node-126.hosting-network.com with SMTP; 10 Apr 2003 23:39:25 -0000 X-Comments: BlackMail headers - Mail to abuse@featureprice.com to report spam. X-Authenticated-Connect: X-Authent
  8. ahhhhhh Just got off the phone with earthlink. They do not Block Port 25 and they said even if they did...I am on cable and the error is in authenticating with YOUR SMTP server...not theirs! They say many of their customers own domains and that's not an issue as they want to accomodate them as much as possible. SOOOO....why is My domain SMTP server NOT authenticating??? I guess the question is WHAT goes in the box for SMTP Host? This is the header from one of my other domains: X-Authenticated-Connect: X-Authenticated-Timestamp: 16:19:41(EDT) on Apr
  9. OK...this was *totally* MORE than Enough!!! I think Bill had the answer because of the Port issue and so I need to call my ISP and have them unblock it. What I don't get is WHY I can send and receive on 5 other domains using the domain name...are you suggesting they use a Different Port? Why isn't Toal Choice Using a Port that is not blocked by ISP's? No missive's please
  10. Unfortunately, the Help Desk is not operating. I put in my domain username and password and it keeps kicking me into a circle. It says "Thanks for logging in" and takes me right back to the login page?? Talk about frustrating.
  11. Time Warner Cable with Earthlink...and as I said, my other domain hosts are NO problem, but obviously your configuration is different from theirs and I cannot figure out what YOU need differently. And you have the info at the bottom wrong...I can RECIVE I just can't SEND. How can I have incorrect authentication data?
  12. If I could get ON the helpdesk I would...but it just keeps telling me Thank you for logging in and takes me back to the username and password page instead of the helpdesk page??? It is not my ISP, I have cable service and I have other domains that I am not having problems with. I am showing the POP3 as mail.domainname.com then I put the username and password in... so are you saying the username has to have the @domainname.com??? The sending SMTP was the problem that is saying authentication because I receive...just cannot send. Again the SMTP host per the POP3 host...my
  13. WHY is this forum called Suggest a Freebie or Cheapie then? You don't get cheaper than that service? I'm a hosting client and you guys don't offer sequential autoresponders so I thought I was HELPING not spamming other members??? Please explain the point of the Forum Cheryl Gonzalez
  14. Can I change my current account over to that? Cheryl Gonzalez I checked the page and talked to live support! Boy are they Fast and Efficient
  15. I just received this return email after I tried to send on the mail server through Pegasus. Pegasus gave me an authentication error box but NO further info? From: Mail Delivery System <> To: Self Subject: Mail Delivery Failure. Date sent: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 15:19:52 Delivery has failed on the enclosed message for the following reasons reported either by the mail delivery system on the mail relay host or by the local TCP/IP transport module: 334 535 Incorrect authentication data In Pegasus, under Sending SMTP, I have 3 choices: Authenticate by doing
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