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  1. There's very limited information on the cert that TCH provides, except that it's only a 128-bit encryption. Most companies tout their products provide "Up to 256-bit..." Is TCH reseller of another company? Or do you provide your own encryption? What sort of icon do you provide? ie: "Site secured by ... ?" Is Extended Validation available? Or even company validation and vetting? Or is it a quick cert? Is there any sort of warranty?
  2. Is buying an SSL cert through a reseller just as reliable as buying it direct from the original provider? What's the catch? Why are reseller certs hundreds of dollars cheaper than the originals? Are they as reliable? I could give links, but I don't want to sound like I'm promoting one or another. And I'm cheap - I just want to give customers a sense of peace. Why spend $1000 when a $100 cert secures just as well?
  3. Thanks Andy. But why is "Secure Server With Firewall" checked for Managed and not for Unmanaged?
  4. Long time virtual hosting user, now am considering using TCH for my company's dedicated hosting needs. A few questions first: 1) On the managed versus unmanaged FAQ page there is a line for only managed that says: Secure Server with Firewall. What does that mean exactly? Are unmanaged servers not behind a firewall? 2) Dedicated servers use the WHM like reseller accounts, right? So multiple domain names can be managed and allocated resources, right? 3) As stated in the differences FAQ, only in the fully managed package are services restarted when needed. For the unmanged, how are these services restarted? Through cPanel? Or is there shell access for the admin? 4) Hard drive space states: 160GB x 2. Is this a RAID 1 setup for backup redundancy? Or RAID 0 setup for speed and actually 320GB of space? Thank you. -Marc
  5. Thank you Bill for helping me with this. Rock Sign
  6. Once more, the staff of TCH has shown me why this is the best web hosting company. Rick and Bill helped me through a troublesome sign up (I don't know where I went wrong, but I'm sure it was my fault). At any rate, these guys fixed it and got everything running smoothy. Both answered my emails within an hour of sending it in, and this was late in the evening. This is now my 4th account with TCH and I am very satisfied with the service and support. Thanks again, TCH. Thumbs Up
  7. Ouch - another corrupt table today. But when I did the repair, I got this message: >unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair info Wrong block with wrong total length starting at 24260 unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair warning Number of rows changed from 142 to 141 unknown_IBForum.ibf_members repair status OK
  8. Heh - I've seen this done before - it's quite funny. CrimonSky's work is awesome. I just read about his contest winning case in MaximumPC yesterday.
  9. I'm trying to submit a Help Desk ticket to try to resolve my issues with my SQL tables keep getting corrupt. However, it's not letting me login with the username and password that I use to access my CPanel. (yes I checked and double checked spelling and caps) Am I missing something? Do I login another way? Ok - well I did the reset password form and recieved a new password which works - but why isn't it the same as CPanel?
  10. Just happened a third time today. I'm submitting a help desk ticket - not sure which is the preferred method of resolving an issue like this.
  11. I'm on Server20 I just got the Error 145 or Error Code 1016 for the second time today on a different table than this morning. Can you folks at TCH do whatever things you do to fix these problems? Thanks. (My database is all backed up - so fire away ) Oh - and I'm running InvisionBoard 1.1.2 I've heard that 1.2 is supposed to be better at this - but because some of the mods that I run aren't compatible with 1.2, I can't do that just yet.
  12. Ok - it just happened again. Twice today. I'll start a new thread to relate to my particular case.
  13. I just got this error today too. I'm on server20. This is the second time this has happened. I'm at work and can't get into my cPanel from here, but I'll be able to repair my database when I get home. But I don't want to have to keep repairing the tables every time this happens. My post back on June 17 was made here (but I just repaired the table then): http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...wtopic=2255&hl= According to InvisionBoard, CPanel and MySQL 4 have issues. CPanel did release a patch to fix this. Could you guys do the fix for server20 too, please? Not that TotalChoice needs this, but for anyone else interested in this problem, I found some info on this whole thing: According to the second post at the CPanel forums, a simple rebuild of Apache doesn't fix the problem. Apparently, the instructions in post at the vBulletin forums is what is needed to be done to fix this error properly. Info from IBF: http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?...ST&f=70&t=56982 Info from CPanel (if you're registered there): http://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?s=...&highlight=1016 http://forums.cpanel.net/showthread.php?s=...&highlight=1016 Here's some other info I found: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread....?threadid=69070
  14. heh - you don't need to know php because it's a CGI script. But I'll look at it to see if it can do the things I need. I actually have a similar question about surefire's script. It works great for the basics, but I'm wondering if it can do 2 additional things: 1) Attach a file to the email (not upload it to my webserver) 2) Add an input field to the subject line. For instance - the user enters in his/her name in the NAME field. Then I get the email with the subject of: Feedback form from NAME Is this possible?
  15. I've been using phpbb for a while and am now in the process of setting up a new IBF. I don't have extensive admin usage on IBF yet, but in setting up and configuring, I find IBF to be much easier and a ton more features. Skinning alone is easier. You can skin an entire forum without ever looking at php code - it can all be done through the admin control panel. IBF just realease version 1.2 which has more stuff built in as defaults than previous releases, but I've been working with version 1.1, so I only know what I've read. One of the best features in the default IBF package is the integrated calendar. phpbb does not have this. (unless it was added in version 2) Then there is the mod community. Both have a fairly good amount of mods available, but I've been able to find every mod that I want to add for IBF whereas phpbb didn't seem to have as much (at least at the time I set up my phpbb boards 8 months ago.) I do a lot of coding to mod IBF to just the way I like it. Both are written in php and are quite easy to change.
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