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  1. elvenjess

    Databases Gone!?

    Down again...
  2. elvenjess

    Databases Gone!?

    Just 5-10 minutes ago I was rbowsign my forum, then I got a 'Could not connect to Database Error'. I logged onto the cPanel to check and all my databases were gone! Feeling quite paranoid I changed my password and checked my FTP. Nothing appears to have been deleted. phpMyAdmin won't let me log in anymore. Did someone figure out my 13 character unique password? Yuck! Server20 btw EDIT: Back up now! Did MySQL need a restart or something? Or maybe I missed downtime note. EDIT2: Down again!?
  3. elvenjess


    Thank you!
  4. elvenjess


    I was checking my disk usage and the tmp/analog directory has a whopping 156.16 megs! What is that directory, some kind of cache? If so how do I empty it? Its taking up more than half of my hosting space... Yuck!
  5. elvenjess

    Phpmyadmin Error

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post in, but I can't get into my databases via phpMyAdmin. I select the database off the drop down list, then it loads witht this error: >Notice: Undefined variable: hash in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/left.php on line 376
  6. elvenjess

    Home Page Changed Without Notification!

    Happend to me a few times when I used that bug ridden piece of filth known as Internet Explorer.
  7. elvenjess

    Please Repeat After Me!

    What the heck? Oh, well: 15 Kick Me
  8. elvenjess

    Elvenjess' Entry

    Well, here it is. You can send the Treo 90 to me now please. My website is located here. The Total Choice Link is at the bottom with the XHTML, CSS and other buttons. I hope you like it. The wallpaper can be found here. You'll notice there are 2 files. It was originally a PNG, but I also made a jpg to save some KBs. The PNG should be better quality.
  9. elvenjess

    Xbox Contest!

    What do you think I would use it for...games? Ewwwww... XBox Linux!
  10. elvenjess

    Re-allignment Of Staff

    Good job!
  11. elvenjess

    Forum Issues

    Wierd, my account works fine... Moving to vB eh? Well, if you must, but I don't really see the advantage of it. If you need tech support you can always buy it from Invision. It'll save the hassle of converting and you can stick with the best forum software around (ok, so I'm an iPB fan... ). EDIT: Oh, the cookie problems were with IE...I love Mozilla...
  12. elvenjess

    Irc Server

    Gotcha. Thanks for the verification.
  13. elvenjess

    Irc Server

    I would like to set up a server so that I can control it myself instead of just having a channel on another server (ie. Users can connect to irc.elvenjess.com and join various channels).
  14. elvenjess

    Irc Server

    Yes, I read that already but didn't understand, so I asked. P.S. What does it mean by host IRC server?
  15. elvenjess

    Irc Server

    Is it possible/permitted to set up an IRC server on my web space? If so, would this take up a lot of bandwidth or space and how would I go about doing it.