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  1. Ok, got it now. I made a virtual directory link to my cgi-bin directory and set permissions but never made a virtual directory link to the main default folder! Doh.
  2. I have succesfully used Zoom search on my hosted site but now want to use it on my Windows 2003 server intranet. I have gone through the instructions several times but keep getting a 404 message. Any tips? Tricks? Thanks, Dave
  3. Ok, thanks. Would a forum like SMF allow users to post pictures? Is there some other way of letting site visitors post pictures and comments? edit: Thanks Russ, you typed faster than I did!
  4. I'm new to blogs, never set one up before. I've been reading posts at many different sites but cannot see to find a definite answer. Can visitors upload pictures and comments about them in WP? Looking for something easy for visitors to use. Would want the pics to show up in-line with their comments if possible. Thanks!
  5. It's been a while now but my previous host was sold then sold again and they were in sad shape. Had to reconfigure my form-to-mail several times, email was down a lot, blah, blah, blah. I also needed lots more space than they offered so I searched in Google or Yahoo and found TCH as a highly ranked company.
  6. Ok, Makes sense now. When I add the backslash it gives no complaint. When I click on any of my bookmarks (that are not to a specific page) there is a backslash added for me in the Firefox address bar. Thanks!
  7. I am strarting to work on search rankings. I used a service at http://www.delorie.com/web/ses.cgi to supposedly "see" what a spider sees. Their service says there is a redirect when trying to go to my site. What could be causing that? I notice that when I type in www.depcopump.com is goes to www.depcopump.com/ (with the backslash) Can this be changed? Could this be fouling up search engines?
  8. Thanks, that's a great piece of code to have. I copied this code into a test html page and tried it. Got great results but strangly when you try to search again from their results page it would not work. I removed the last forward slash "/" from the <input type=hidden name=domains value="http://www.******/"> line of code ind it worked great. Thanks.
  9. I see many web sites that let you search for pages and documents within that site. I need something that will work with html, txt and most importantly pdf. What do you use?
  10. Thanks Rick for the explanation and for fixing the problem last night. It's true there were three tickets opened. I was getting a "bad email address or ticket key?" (something like that) error when trying to respond to the first two tickets. Probably my fault somehow. Anyhow, for some reason the third ticket let me reply. I did address my later questions to the tech who first started to help me so there was an indication that previous conversations were held. They could have/should have been reviewed by subsequent techs??? Yes "only" three techs had been involved at that point but they didn't understand the problem even after I got outside technical help and gave them the answer. My point was "how many techs need to be involved before someone (higher up?) takes responsibility?" My opinion was that the help desk needed help... from someone higher up. That is exactly what happened with Rob responding to my forum post and finally Rick resolving the problem. The email problem is now solved and based on the number of replieson the forum from TCH employees my point has been clearly made. Thanks for listening.
  11. It appears the problem has been solved. Too bad it took a public hissy-fit to get the attention required to fix it. Thank you.
  12. I'm curently having an email problem and have been working with the helpdesk for quite some time now. Every time I submit information I get a responce from a different person. This policy leads to trouble... who is really responsible in this situation? The first person? The fifth person? With my email problem it's very clear that the folks that have been responding just don't have any clue what the problem is. I sent a message explaining exactly what was wrong with the DNS zone and how to fix it and the responce I got was "Get back to us with details on how to modify the dns zone and we will help you." I'm the customer damnit, why should I be jumping through these hoops explaing how you should be doing your jobs? Why am I being asked to troubleshoot this? The helpdesk needs help!
  13. I use http://www.calendarscript.com/ and love it. see the default demo here: http://www.calendarscript.com/demo/calendar.pl multiple passwords and permissions can change colors and fonts can have multiple calendars multiple views can 'drill down' to get details of events prints out very well a non-profit license is only $50, well worth it!
  14. I am currently using the free Atomz search. They limit the number of files they will index for free and we're out of space now. Looking for another option. Their index for a fee options are very expensive. It won't work with TCH even with their alternate install option? Too bad!
  15. I'm looking for options for adding a 'search' function to a website. I like the features offered by dtSearch (www.dtsearch.com) because I'll need to index PDF files, Excel, Word and of course HTML. I currently have 500+MB of files to index and 80% are PDF. dtSearch is designed for Microsoft servers but they discuss a way to install on non-Microsoft servers here: http://support.dtsearch.com/faq/dts0133.htm. Will that work with TCH? Has anyone here used dtSearch? Other suggestions? Thanks, Dave
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