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  1. Here in New Jersey I get the site with the word "new" on it.
  2. freezing!! *waving to Jana*
  3. It couldn't guess a porcelain clown face that I have on my wall
  4. That's exactly what I do.. I use several email accounts too and Outlook Express makes it easy to have the mail go into different folders for my different needs
  5. I transferred mine to TCH a couple weeks ago and it took about 3 days.
  6. I found this forum that gives you step by step for a reinstall of the sims and expansion packs.. Sims.co.uk I hope it helps
  7. Earlier this morning it was up to $600,100.00. There have been a ton of bid retractions..
  8. I just clicked on this link and a page came up with the TCH banner on the top... That must be how he thought he was at TCH!! It didn't have the TCH banner the first time I clicked the link.. that showed after closing it then clicking the link for the 2nd time.
  9. It looks to me like someone got in, somehow, and messed it up. I viewed your source and won't put here what I found. There is only one entry that shows and it's full of foul language..... Maybe it can be restored to an earlier date which would fix it. I would put in a help desk ticket. Then I would change my admin password for it.
  10. cmuskett


    Alexa is one of the programs that SpyBot Search and Destroy searches for.
  11. My site is a personal site and has a PR of 6
  12. I use Locked Area Lite. It's free.
  13. You can find the answer in this topic... http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...=semi-dedicated
  14. All fixed now!! Thanks everyone!! Rock Sign
  15. I'm glad to know I don't need glasses on top of my glasses Thanks for the help!!
  16. It's not there on my cpanel... I'm off to submit a ticket!!
  17. Am I blind? I'm on server 23 and can't find Spam Assassin on CPanel. I was there when I enabled it and now I can't find it. *yes, I'm wearing my glasses * Help!!!
  18. I'm sure if you put in a help desk ticket, the link is at the top of the forums, that someone will help you out quickly!
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