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  1. I love wordpress. Before I got my own domain again I was using a wordpress.com free blog.
  2. There is a problem that was posted here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...c=30915&hl=
  3. I just upgraded mine... even tho I just installed Wordpress yesterday thru Fantastico. I had an error with the database but I fixed that by creating a new user and adding that user to the database. Now all is good and I can see my site again after about 5 minutes of Panic!!
  4. I found a nice email form. It's a php form. It was super easy to set up. It's here: *ttp://www.ibdhost.com/contact/
  5. My cpanel doesn't have the server number on it either... server 91
  6. Awww.. thanks everyone I'm so glad to be back I'm so proud of myself... I installed MT today all by myself without pulling every last hair out of my head too.. LOL
  7. Thanks Jim.. just waiting on my welcome email right now. The problem was fixed thanks to Michelle
  8. I tried to sign up for hosting for my domain (dddezigns.com) last night. I got an error and filled out a help ticket (JWC-86845). I was told that it was being moved to the department concerned (I sent it to the right department - Customer Service). I haven't heard anything more and it's been 10 hours. Can someone please look into it for me and see what's taking so long? Thanks!
  9. the one in your signature isn't coming up for me. Hi Jana
  10. I downloaded it and ran it.. then ran spybot and spybot still caught a few that AdAware missed...
  11. She's adorable Thomas. I had a guinea pig when I was younger. His name was Squealer because of the noise they make
  12. That is a gorgeous house!!! But why would you want to leave Texas? I lived there for a year and loved it.. I want to go back
  13. OMG.. how sad So sorry you lost a friend
  14. I just checked the Awstats for my site and it says it was last updated 22 Jul 2004 - 20:41... It's July 25th... Is this something that TCH does or is it a CPanel thing? I'm on server 23 if it makes a difference
  15. Sure... I run a graphics site and make graphics for members to download. I've run out of inspiration, patience, etc to make new stuff and just don't feel right not updating my site. I feel as tho my members are suffering. I'm also looking for a job and that will take even more away from my computer time.
  16. I'll stop into the forums now and then. I think I'll keep the log in for the forum, if I am allowed.
  17. This is soooo hard to say... but after 6 years of having a website I've decided to let mine go. I will be closing the doors to my site in August. This has absolutely nothing to do with TCH.... TCH is the best host I've ever had. I've recommended and will continue to recommend TCH to anyone who asks about webhosting! Sometime down the road I may decide to open a website again and I will be sure to come back to TCH. TCH is my home and my family!! So long family! This has been a great experience... Thumbs Up Rock Sign
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