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  1. I tried with frontpage and couldnt get it to work right. I had to make a new web for the form page itself. I got it up and it worked... then I decided to change something and re-published it and it didn't work anymore. I used the form page wizard to initially make the page and it put choices that I had as check boxes and I wanted them to be in a drop down box. When I made that change, the form no longer worked.
  2. I've looked at that one and I just don't understand it... I feel like such a ditz
  3. I know about message boards... that's not what I'm after.. I am after FORMS that people fill out... to leave comments and whatnot... example here: http://dddezigns.com/contact.html.. this is what I've been using and would like to create my own forms instead of using Bravenet ones.. I'm beginning to get a headache over this LOL
  4. I wanted to put some forms on my site to replace the ones I'm using from Bravenet. I have a form for people to ask questions or to leave comments, forms for people to apply to adopt things that I've made too. The thing is.. I downloaded pspFormGenerator and made a great form. Then I went to make another form and it changed the 1st form . Does anyone know of something not so frustrating to use to make forms ??
  5. See, Lexi.. I told you these people were great! I'm glad your signing up with them
  6. Awww.. how cute!! Congratulations My baby is 25 and has 3 of her own Hugs to you Robin and the new little one
  7. It's been all fixed with the help of Rickvz. My guestbook is up and running and works just great
  8. You people are going to get tired of me LOL Now I have another problem. I tried to set up the advanced guestbook the other day, before my site propogated. Now that I can see my site... I can't edit the guestbook... To edit, it's asking for a user name and password and I never got to set them because the page it sent me to came up as not found, since the site hadn't proagated..... I need a little help, please Domain.. dddezigns.com
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