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  1. It's only when I hold them.. not when they are asleep in their beds LOL Needless to say, I don't hold them for too long or off to dreamland I go.
  2. I use that too. I don't have my email address posted anywhere on my site.
  3. Didn't make me sleepy. Sleeping animals don't do that to me... Now sleeping babies... that's another story. Have you ever held a sleeping baby?? That's enough to make me nod off even if I've had 8 hours sleep.
  4. Awww... what a bunch of CUTE pictures!!
  5. I use Locked Area They have 2 versions Pro and Lite. This works better than AMember, in my opinion. I used AMember before. The problem I had with AMember is that if there was a page in the "protected" folder.. anyone could just type in the URL and get in without being a member. So I found Locked Area Lite and it "locks" the entire folder. Any URL in that folder requires a log in.
  6. I don't use them. I like my colors to look good.. lol
  7. I use Front Page, but I upload my to my site using Smart FTP. I like the ease of Front page but don't like to upload using it.
  8. go into your cpanel, then file manager... then public_html.. then go into your cgi bin find the file then click on it. On the right hand side you will see some options.. Select Change Permissions... change the numbers in the box to read either 755 or 777.
  9. I downloaded PopTray yesterday and I so far I like it better than Mailwasher.. I didn't think I could find anything to beat it. LOL The only thing I find that PopTray doesn't do that Mailwasher does is bounce emails back to the sender.
  10. You probably need to set the permissions on it to either 755 or 777
  11. I've noticed that the notification only seems to work when a new topic is posted in a forum. I don't get notifications when replies are posted.
  12. Here's mine! charlottes_puter
  13. I'm another happy SmartFTP user. I always used to use WS FTP but SmartFTP is much easier to use and seems to have better features.
  14. My computer automatically downloaded an update this morning. So I'm assuming it's this one.
  15. The email address of the sender was something like Visa@visa-security.com. I put in www.visa-security.com and it went to a site that said that site was available. There was a link in the email, but since I never downloaded it, I never went to the page. And since it didnt go to the email address I use when ordering online, I ignored it. There was a case with my debit card once and I call a phone call from the Visa Fraud department. It turned out what my husband and I were ordering (we had to order several of the same item) could only be ordered 1 item per order.. so we put in several orders and it triggered the Visa Fraud department to call us to verify that we were placing the orders. But in the past several days, no unusal activity has been noted on our checking account (I checked).
  16. The nice thing about mailwasher is I can preview an email before deciding whether or not to download it. Any spam I get I can bounce it right back to the sender
  17. I got one of those letters today at one of my domain email addresses. I do buy online, but I don't use my domain address for that. I use mailwasher and just bounced it back to them. I knew it was a scam as soon as I saw what email addy it went to
  18. I just found a few of those referrers in my AWStats too... www.saulem.com www.jennifersblog.com www.kwlablog.com
  19. You won't be sorry coming over to TCH. My last host was one of those "Bad Experiences". I've been here since April and long ago decided that TCH is the last hosting company I will ever need!! Customer service is wonderful.. Lots of very helpful people in the forums. I recommend TCH to any one who asks about a hosting company!! Just read on in the forums and you will see many glowing reports! Rock Sign
  20. What I did was make an index page in the images folder. You can see my little message to people trying to grab my images that way here Daydreamer's Designs
  21. I've gotten 2 emails like this in the past week and bounced them back. I viewed the complete headers and the emails did not come from PayPal.. they were not the PayPal domain emails. I know if PayPal has a problem with your account, you are notified of it when you log in, not by email
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