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  1. I want to open a new invision board. I am making a new web portal. I would like to know how to keep the members and postes I already have thru the cpanel. Thanks for any help.
  2. Last night I messed something up. I somehow deleted my public_html folder, TCH saved the day big time by getting back with very little loss. But now I checked my cpanel and my site is 100mb bigger even tho I am deleting things to reduce size. I am even over my limit. I was curious if TCH might of had to add something to bring it back. The only thing I can find is my site is in the public_html folder and the same thing is in a www folder. Hope someone from TCH can figure this out so I can reduce my size. Rock Sign
  3. I had my last domain that was at another question. I tried changing DNS and get no response from them. I am now transfering it to TCH as my other 2. How long does it normally take to transfer a domain? Thanks for any answer. Rock Sign
  4. I tried to create a phpNuke site for testing. It took over the xoops site I had made. I continued with the phpNuke but was just curious if I could use my old backup of xoops to open it in a different DB.
  5. I am trying to restore a Database but can not figure out how. I tried doing it in the Backup section of cpanel but it just sits on the same page and nothing happens. I hope someone has an answer. Can u also make a database and move all the info from one to another? Thanks for any help.
  6. dieguy

    Team Speak

    Thanks for the answers. I will look into the homelanfed.com.
  7. Team Speak is a voice over net communication tool. Can we put this on our websites, and run it remotely, also does anyone no how much bandwidth it would use. Thanks for any input. Rock Sign
  8. I have lost my e-mail that hold my password for my website. I cannot do helpdesk without it. What do I need to do to get it.
  9. dieguy


    Will TCH be updating the PHPNuke offered in the cpanel or will this stay our problem to update. Just curious thanks. Rock Sign
  10. I checked the server status page and it was down. Urs was still up. It is back up now and all is good I just panicked abit.lol Rock Sign
  11. My Website is completely down what should I do?
  12. dieguy


    I did that and it still did not help.
  13. dieguy


    They say they have the cookies set but that does not help them.
  14. dieguy


    Some people when they come on to my board, can not sign in automatically. They sign in tick off sign me in automaically and the next time they still have to sign in. On there PC it is set to allow cookies since they dont have a problem on other forums. I there something in there profile or in the board setting that can help with this.
  15. Is there away to change it so when everyone leaves a convo the convo gets erased so others cant come in l8tr and see what u wer talking about
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