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  1. I use one from Silver Scripts. You can see it on my site... down near the bottom .. Daydreamer's Designs
  2. You would put in http://www.****** ******* being your domain name. You should have the FTP info that was sent in your welcome email. To put in a help ticket go to: Help Desk
  3. I just installed Gallery for my Genealogy photos. I followed the instructions from the help site and had no trouble at all!! Thumbs Up Dance :hug: Genealogy Photos
  4. When I click on any of the links I get a page that says it was updated on 8August03
  5. I did get that too.. but at the top of the page it said that the feature has been disabled.
  6. There were.. I got off the computer at 10 PM last night. There were posts from after that time.. but... it's working now.
  7. I clicked on the "View New Posts" link and get a message that this feature has been disabled. I always use that to see what new posts there are instead of going thru each and every forum. Can this be re-enabled? :hug: Ignore the above statement... LOL It's working now... I think
  8. A couple months ago I submitted my site and was listed pretty quick. I've been getting hits from DMOZ since June.
  9. LOL Now to me that looks like someone just had way too much time on their hands woooot
  10. Mighty Mouse "Ha! I kill me!"
  11. Trading Spaces? "Stifle"
  12. An El Camino my hubby fixed up. He changed out the headlights *they were the round ones* and added a rollbar in the bed This pic was taken on the beach in Daytona, Florida.
  13. This is the before picture
  14. This is the 1st car he ever restored.. a 1968 Camaro. woooot
  15. I saw a post in another forum and didn't want to post off topic, so I'm posting it here. The post was about TransAms. My husband is an auto body tech and I wanted to post a couple pictures of a TransAm he restored.
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