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  1. epix


    haha thats intresting. Very strange since they are affiliated with some big names. Specially amazon.
  2. I went into ModernBill and setup a support ticket from there.. so i guess just forget this post =P
  3. I just had a quick question about buying a domain with you guys. I am currently hosted with you, (this is for a different account. not my gissur.com) and we were going to transfer an old domain www.heydari.net over to that host, but for some reason its not working. So we were going to buy a new domain with you guys, and we want it on that account. How do i go about doing that exactly. My dad needs to buy the domain so it points to our current account at and I need to be able to tell him how to go about doing it =) thank you.
  4. wow thats crucial... i definetly got a bunch of those people =/ edited for language as per the forum guidelines =)
  5. Yeah thats what I said to her. But she told me there was none for gissur.com and only for the other one. Now what I´m trying to figure out is why in the world im getting refferer links from all sorts of weird sites that deal with nude celeb blogs, which I have never been to in my life? It´s very odd to me. Its not only nude type sites.. also just some random pages I have never heard of and they dont even have a link to my site haha. For example this one http*// Very very strange stuff. (Edited to remove external link)
  6. Can someone tell me if either one of my sites has pop ups? http://www.gissur.com http://stopfightingiraq.gissur.com My g/f told me the latter had some pop ups. I have no idea how that can be. Also, I have some really strange referrers to my site, which dont have my website on them at all. These I AM A SPAMMER type places http://www.nude((((blogs.com[/color=blue] 2 4.7 % 2 2.3 % http://britneyspears(((de.blogspot.com[/color=blue] 2 4.7 % 2 2.3 % how can this be, and what does it mean? I´m very confused =( Edited to remove links to other sites.
  7. Okay, well thanks a bunch for the help =)
  8. strange my cpanel looks nothing like that =/
  9. Okay i got ya... just wondering. This whole Page Rank thing is giving me a headache. So much stuff to worry about and think about. Its crazyness =)
  10. epix


    ah, thats no good. I honestly dont know much about it. Just thought it was neat, have never tried Googles or yahoos.. so i guess ill go that way.
  11. Ah, thank you for the tip. Damn, hehe that sucks =(
  12. Im very confused. In your tutorials it says that to find AwStat you just go into cPanel and click on Stats. I dont have a any button called stats. I just have Ftp/Web Stats and Raw logs. Under FTP/WEB stats there is no AwStats... What am I missing here?
  13. Should I just cut and past the meta tags from my index page onto all my other pages. Like in my blog there is comment page. There is a search type page. There is a pingback and trackback, Archives etc. Or should I change the Keywords and description for each page?
  14. epix


    Any of you messed with this? I think its the coolest thing in the world. Ive never used Google or Yahoos little Rating things, but Alexa is a little toolbar that tells you your rating of over all pages on the internet according to Traffic. Like yahoo is #1, Google is #3 etc. Alot of sites arent even on the list, just says no data. I somehow, after starting my site last month am already at 3,000,000 something hehe... Now my grandad has a site thats tiny.. never uses it. Has not advertised it at all.. yet hes ranked 450,000 or so... I guess his domain is typed in alot. www.laxmann.com. Anyhow, this thing is really cool like I said. You can see what sites link to you, and what pages people that visit your site visit as well etc. etc. Lost of intresting facts about your site. Then once you get under 500,000 you see all about how fast your site is, site traffic and other goodies. Let me know what you guys think of this thing.
  15. URL: http://www.gissur.com Link: <a title="Gissur's Blog Spot" href="http://www.gissur.com/">Gissur's Blog Spot</a> Description: Fun online Blog run by Gissur Simonarson who talks about the current events and shows you fun things to find online. Has movie reviews, music reviews, and a fun little forum to chat on as well. I have already linked your site on the right side bar. Rank Evaluation (please) I would love for you to tell me what I can do to get it a higher ranking... its a bit hard for a blogging site to do something like that. I have a robot.txt that tells the spider to go ahead and search everything. I pink www.weblogs.com and www.blo.gs. I've added to google, and come up first when you type in Gissur. Sure its a unique name, yet there are 6,000 some pages with it, so my gissur.com pops up first and my gissur.deviantart.com is second hehe.
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