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  1. Oh,I see. Thank you for your reply and sorry for my unclear decription.
  2. I want to point my new domain name(now parking at HKDNR) to one of the section of my site (http://www.alexsky.com/jade/),is it possible?
  3. The Staff replied as follow: Thanks for the fast reply,you've been very helpful,TCH rocks!
  4. Matt(author of IPB) said IPB will always be free...
  5. Hello, I have a domain name parking at HKNDR (a Hong Kong Offical domain name registration Company),is this possible to point that domain name to my site hosting by TCH?
  6. I noticed it is quite different to look at my site in different GAMMA setting, so which GAMMA setting is the most popular?
  7. I need the IPs to point my domain name to TCH.
  8. OK, now I have changed the extension, but how to find which files are giving the 206?
  9. I right-clicked it,but I can only select "open" ,no other choice to open it. P.S. Yes,I'm a Warhammer fan.
  10. I can only rename the file name but not the extension...
  11. How to change the extension from .com to .txt?
  12. I know,but the file inside the zip file is a MS-DOS file,how can I open it with NotePad?
  13. But the file is in ".gz" format. I can't open it with NotePad...
  14. Do you mean this two links? Raw Log File Raw Log Manager
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