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  1. Merry Christmas Always remember those lines from BoneyM Christmas Medley "Let's keep the christmas bells ringing, not just one day of the year Let's keep the christmas bells ringing, not just one day of the year"
  2. Please use the mail server (Incoming and Outgoing) as your hostname [such as xxxxxxx.tchmachines.com] instead of mail.mydomain.net - when you are using SSL mode on your mail client. The hostname can found on the cPanel or if you are not sure, just submit a ticket to the help desk.
  3. We are sorry to see that you have having issues. However, we would like to handle this kind of issues on help desk other than on public forums. Please submit a ticket to the helpdesk with your account details - so that we can look into this.
  4. Final Destination 5 - yeah bit old, but 1020p Bluray Rip was awesome
  5. Thank you Bob for the kind words We are always trying to clear the tickets on time with proper fixes. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.
  6. As Bruce mentioned, we shall transfer the accounts from the remote host for free of host - if the current hosting on a cPanel based server. If you are using another control panel for hosting, you'll need to transfer the contents manually through FTP. If the accounts are on a cPanel server, you just need to submit a ticket to the helpdesk with the current cPanel user/password of the account along with the account details on our server.
  7. We have resolved this issue over the chat. If you still having any issues, please feel free to post a ticket to the help desk.
  8. Congrats Bill & Family. May God Bless all of you... Welcome to the world Gus !!
  9. Nice to see more Ubuntu users - I am a using Ubuntu for the last 5 years and not willing to work on another OS even on OpenSUSE. Few issues I suffered only when upgrading the versions, that was fixed after spending a few hours.
  10. This should be fixed now. Please check
  11. I have fixed and responded to your ticket. Please check now
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