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  1. Hi, Due to the continued requests from our clients to relax the email forwarder policy as explained here, the management has decided to remove all restrictions on email forwarders. Effective today, there are no restrictions on our servers on setting up email forwarders to Comcast, AOL/AIM, Hotmail/MSN, and Yahoo accounts. This change has been done on all of the shared and reseller servers per the client's best interest, really not TCH's. We hope you enjoy the changes we made on the email forwarding policy. Having said that, please note that there is the possibility of spams email being forwarded along with legitimate emails and hence you may experience email blocks etc. This is usually a result of the email providers using filters that do not check the origin of a mail, therefore the forwarding mail can be considered as the origin of a mail. So, please be vigilant when setting up forwarders to Comcast, AOL/AIM, Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo accounts. For additional information regarding this policy change, please contact our help desk - https://tchhelp.com Happy Hosting!
  2. If you have any issues to install the perl module through cPanel, just post a ticket to the help desk.
  3. The maximum execution time is set to 30 seconds by default configuration, you can run the php script to this time. However, please note that the usage of server resource (cpu, memory) are more sensitive than maximum execution time. Also, you can change the maximum execution time of a php file with the keyword set_time_limit() inside the script or setting max_execution_time on .htaccess or local php.ini file
  4. I am sorry, it is not possible to duplicate cPanel user - because its unique. If the second one is just needed the access of all files, you can create a sub ftp account through cPanel to access public_html
  5. Please rewrite the cron script as >/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/myserversname/public_html/mydirectory/myjob.php or just >php -q /home/myserversname/public_html/mydirectory/myjob.php
  6. Yes, We are having two backup systems, one is local backup taking on every weekend (that overwrites on each update) and having remote backup that taking backups on every 12 hours for the last 7 days (ie, 14 copies). If you need to restore a database from any of this backup, just drop a ticket to the help desk with the name of the database to be restored.
  7. It is possible to disable the error reporting on shared server accounts by creating a php.ini inside /home/user and add the lines > display_errors = Off display_startup_errors = Off log_errors = Off And add the following line on /home/user/.htaccesss > suPHP_ConfigPath /home/user Note : be sure to change "user" with correct cPanel user name.
  8. Please try with http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~username/sub_domain/ In this case, be sure that you given the folder name of the sub domain as "sub_domain" on URL
  9. Can you please change the gmail mail server as; > $bounce_mailbox_host = 'ssl://pop.gmail.com'; and give a try
  10. Belated birthday wishes, Thomas Hope you had a good day.
  11. You can easily change the title of WordPress blog by the following steps; 1. Note the name of the database associated with the wordpress by checking the wp-config.php file 2. Login to cPanel and take phpMyAdmin 3. Select the database you noted on wp-config.php file 4. Choose the table wp_options 5. Edit the row that contains the keyword "blogname" and provide new name on "option_value" column 6. Save the row by click on "Go" Thats it.
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