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  1. Please post a ticket to the help desk or send a mail to support@totalchoicehosting.com, in order to answer this type of questions.
  2. Please try phpList, as it supports both html emails and having the capability of sending mails as batches - that will allow you to send news letters without disturbing the server limits. You can have a look at h**p://www.phplist.com for more details of this mailing list. Also, you can install phpList with single click installation through Fantastico
  3. Thanks for the kind words Mrs. Muddled Good work Scott & Tina
  4. Yes! I missed the third step [3. Choose "Full Personalization"] that has been corrected above.
  5. I hope you are using cPanel default mailing list called Mailman. If so, you can set unsubscribe link easily through mailman admin panel 1. Login to your admin area 2. Click "Non-digest options" 3. Choose "Full Personalization" 4. In the footer field, you can now place user-specific links. You can use any of the following unsubscribe option > Options and Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s Passwordless Options and Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s?password=%(user_password)s One-click Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s?unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1 Passwordless One-click Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s?password=%(user_password)s&unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1
  6. This should be an error caused because of faulty driver. Please refer this post to debug which driver is causing this and replace it.
  7. Otherwise you can use the full server name [hostname] as the incoming/outgoing mail server instead of mail.yourdomain, If you are not sure the hostname, just post a ticket to the help desk.
  8. I assume you are using Outlook, so the Outlook's default option is to delete the mails from the server after downloading. You can change this option by >> Open Outlook. From the main window, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Email Accounts." Click on "View or Change Existing Email Accounts." Click "Next." The "Email Accounts" dialog box will open. >> Select the name of your email account by clicking on it. Then click "Change." The "Change Account" window will open. >> Click the "More Settings" button to open the "Internet Email Settings" box. Go to the "Advanced" tab. >> Select the "Leave a Copy of Messages on the Server" check box in the "Delivery" section of the dialog box. If desired, select the "Remove from Server after __ Days" check box and enter a number of days. >> Click "OK" to apply the changes and then click "Finish." If you are using another mail client than Outlook, the same option can be available on email account settings.
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