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  1. Incoming Mail Server: mail.tchmachines.com That's what the script inserted.
  2. No matter what settings I use, I keep getting the message: "The IMAP server “mail.tchmachines.com” rejected the password for user “me@****”". I've changed the password in cPanel to an easy one so that I'm sure I'm using the correct password. The mail setting on my compugter defaults to 993 when I select the SSL box. I've tried both 993 and 995. The script I ran puts the "@" sign after the username, but the help text that tells you to use a "+" sign after the username. Which is correct??? I've tried both. Should I have "INBOX" in the IMAP path prefix box? I've tried it with and with
  3. I ran the script to configure my email client (iMac Mail) for IMAP. Can't get mail. It keeps asking for my password. I changed my password for the existing POP email in cPanel, but it still won't go through. What do I have to do to get this thing to work? I've tried everything I can think of. Do I have to create a new email account on the server? I'm using the same email address for the IMAP email as the existing POP account in my client software.
  4. Yippee!!! That was it! Lower case instead of upper case. Thanks a bunch guys!!!!!
  5. I did publish to ftp.your-tch-domain. I put the files in the public_html directory just now. No go.
  6. Hi Tom, I did that. Does it matter if the home page is Index or index?
  7. HELP! I just figured out how to use Adobe GoLive (sort of) and am trying to publish my site. I had one prior, but copied it, deleted it, slightly modified it, and am now publish it with GoLive. I also uninstalled the FrontPage extensions prior to publishing. I published to the "www" directrory using FTP through GoLive (several web pages and a folder with images). When I type in my web address in a browser, all I get is the directory structure. I used to know what causes that to happen, but it's been many years since I've encountered it and forgot what I need to do to correct it.
  8. I know I read somewhere many months ago about having the frontpage support files removed. I want to start my web site over with a fresh start without frontpage clutter. I'm planning to use GoLive instead. How can I clear my site of anything related to Frontpage? blacksmith
  9. Took a break for 1/2 hour and checked mail and got it. Evidently I was trying to get things done buy needed to give email a longer time to get around. I think I'm good to go now. Thanks, blacksmith
  10. I read the tutorials. They helped. I'm closer now. I set up 3 addresses: junk@mysite.com, ed@mysite.com, mylogin@mysite.com substituting my real site name for the "mysite". I set up Eudora to send and retreive mail from junk and ed like this: login name: ed@mysite.com SMTP server: my normal setting incoming mail: mail.mysite.com I can now send to ed@mysite.com without Eudora giving me an error. I can now check for mail without errors too. Yet... After sending several emails to ed@mysite.com then checking for mail there, I get nothing. What's wrong? Oh, I replaced
  11. I thought I was setting up a mail account when I set the default email address at the top of the cpanel page. Guess not. After reading about using :blackhole: I went to Default Address Maintenance and left renovatedradios.com in the left box and put :blackhole: (without the colons) into the box on the right. Should I have put a name before "renovatedradios.com"? Please steer me to the next step. If it's to go to Manage Accounts, that's a confusing page. What the heck are you supposed to do there, especially if you use Eudora instead of Outlook Express? blacksmith
  12. In cpanel at the top it says you should "update your contact information here". Is this an email address that is only used by TCH to contact me or is it an email address that visitors to my web site can use to contact me? I set up "blackhole" yesterday. Today I changed the contact email and went to my website and sent myself a message by clicking on the link to the contact address. I got this response: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. T
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