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  1. Thank you for update. The server was not having a valid certificate for the mail service before, hence you got the error. And yes, it was sorted.
  2. If you are trying to connect through SSL/TLS mode, please use the incoming and outgoing mail server as boblo.tchmachines.com instead of mail.YOURDOMAIN on your mail client. I have now fixed the service SSL certificates for this server.
  3. The domain www.juw.edu.pk is currently resolving to the IP - that is not our server and currently FTP is trying to connect to that server. Also, I am not able to locate a hosting account for www.juw.edu.pk on our servers. If you having a hosting account with us, kindly post a ticket to the support desk - so we can look into that.
  4. Yes, TCH is using MailChannels SMTP relay service on all of our shared and reseller servers - mainly to pinpoint the mail abuses and the email password compromises. In fact, it is a step to stop spams from our shared/reseller servers and to avoid delisting the IPs on spam databases and popular mail providers.
  5. Welcome to the forums It depends upon the number of email accounts you needed to be forwarded. If it is less in numbers, you can setup an email forwarder from cPanel (hosting control panel) - so all the incoming mails to a particular email can be forwarded to many emails. Or if the email group is large on numbers, you can use a mailing list for that purpose. You can use MailMan, DadaMail, phpList etc, those are available on cPanel - that we provided with all of our hosting plans.
  6. Welcome to the forums Let me clear a few points than Thomas answered in general terms. Dedicated IP and SSL certificate will work fine on any shared hosting plans - and you really do not need to go for a dedicated server for that purpose. You can choose any shared hosting plans from http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/shared.html Once the hosting account is activated, please submit a ticket to the help desk in order to move your account to a dedicated IP and to install the SSL certificate. If the current hosting account is on a cPanel based server, you just need to submit a ticket to the help desk - so that we can transfer the existing contents to the new account on our server. If the current hosting account is not on a cPanel based server, you just need to manually upload the contents using any FTP software.
  7. We are having network switch down and this results some of our servers went down. Our data center team is on the route to fix this issue at the data center facility. We shall update this thread asap. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. The servers affected are; fekete.tchmachines.com dedicated9.tchmachines.com dedicated7.tchmachines.com dedicated55.tchmachines.com dedicated53.tchmachines.com dedicated52.tchmachines.com dedicated46.tchmachines.com dedicated45.tchmachines.com dedicated44.tchmachines.com dedicated43.tchmachines.com dedicated40.tchmachines.com dedicated39.tchmachines.com dedicated326.tchmachines.com dedicated32.tchmachines.com dedicated21.tchmachines.com dedicated20.tchmachines.com dedicated19.tchmachines.com dedicated18.tchmachines.com dedicated17.tchmachines.com dedicated14.tchmachines.com dedicated131.tchmachines.com dedicated12.tchmachines.com
  8. Resetting cPanel password 1. If you know the current password; * Log into your cPanel account using http://yourdomain:2082 or https://yourdomain:2083 * In the Preferences section, click Change Password. * Enter your current password * Enter your new password [You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you] * Re-enter new password for verification * Click the: Change your password now! button. Log out, and then log back in with the new password. 2. If you are not sure the current password; You can reset the cPanel password from the login page itself, if you have already been added a contact email on cPanel. * To to login into your cPanel account using http://yourdomain:2082 or https://yourdomain:2083 * Cancel login window and click on Reset Password * Enter you cPanel user and click on Reset Password * The server will send a confirmation code to the account’s registered email address * Enter this code, or click the link in the email, to complete the password reset. 3. If you are not sure the password and automated password reset option is not working for some reason, you can reset the cPanel password from billing control panel * Log in to the billing system at https://billing.totalchoicehosting.com * Once logged in, click on Services then My Services. * Then go to the right hand side and click View Details. * Then select the Change Password tab, from here you can change your cPanel password If you are not able to reset the password through any of the methods mentioned above, please submit a support ticket to the helpdesk Resetting the password of email accounts * Log into your cPanel account using http://yourdomain:2082 or https://yourdomain:2083 * Click the Email Accounts icon * Click Change Password next to the appropriate email account. * Type your new password into the Password box. * Confirm your new password in the Password (again) box. [You can click the Password Generator link to have a strong password generated for you] * Click Change Password to store the new password. * If you do not wish to change the password, click cancel. Be sure to change the password of the email account on your mail program, once you reset the password of your email through cPanel.
  9. You cannot install more than one third party applications on a folder of your account including the main folder. If you are not having any other applications installed and getting the same error, please submit a ticket to the help desk.
  10. Please note that hosting and domain management are different and handling with separate systems - so you 'll need to have different logins for both.
  11. Your mail server support both pop3 and imap protocol. You just need to use your favorite mail client to configure your mail on imap protocol. Here is the settings you required; Secure SSL/TLS Settings Username: you@yourdomain.org Password: Use the email account’s password. Incoming Server: butterscotch.tchmachines.com IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995 Outgoing Server: butterscotch.tchmachines.com SMTP Port: 465 Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP. If you have any problems to access the mails on imap, please submit a ticket to the help desk.
  12. Please note both php 5.2 and 5.3 are installed on your server, where php 5.3 is the default. You have choose to use php 5.2 on your account through .htaccess Mime type selection and you just need to remove or comment out the mime type entry from .htaccess on order to switch the account to php 5.3 I have replied to your ticket too.
  13. I am sorry, but SFTP will work only for the main cPanel account - but not for the sub FTP accounts you are creating on cPanel. SSH key authentication is only available on fully dedicated servers, but not available on shared and reseller servers.
  14. There is absolutely no fee for migrating your account contents. In fact, account migration is a cost free service available on all of our hosting plans.
  15. Welcome to the TCH family, Martin
  16. You can use any secured (captcha verified) form mailer scripts written on php as form mailer on your site. You can get a number of such free php form mailers scripts from internet by google with the key words php+form+mailer+captcha But, its upto you to choose the one that is more convenient for you.
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