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  1. Thank you Thomas Happy Easter
  2. Each email received must be checked against the sender's public key, the DNS servers that is providing the public keys are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. If an email message is sent to a large mailing list, then the DNS server may be hit with millions of requests in a small time period. The SMTP server then must either proceed without verification, or delay email delivery until it can be verified. Many such email messages queued for verification could also overflow the spool or cache, resulting in lost data. Also, the mail server will require more RAM.
  3. If you are looking for open source applications you can try NVU Otherwise please check out Macromedia products such as Dreamweaver etc.
  4. Please note that https and http are two different protocols working on two different ports. Hence the SSL negotiation is the first one take before the htaccess redirects and https://****** calls cannot be redirected on a shared server without a dedicated SSL installed. And yes TCH and Twitter is having a dedicated SSL installed and that is why its working over there.
  5. I got this on first attempt
  6. Welcome to the forums Trent I would suggest to use a local php.ini file with the following entry, than using .htaccess if you are hosted on any of our shared servers. upload_max_filesize = 10M post_max_size = 10M max_input_time = 300 max_execution_time = 800 php.ini files are directory dependent, adding a php.ini to public_html will NOT affect directories below public_html. To configure a site wide php.ini, create it in the users root directory(/home/user/) and add the following line to /home/user/public_html/.htaccess file; <IfModule mod_suphp.c> suPHP_ConfigPath /home/user </IfModule> If you found any issues or having any difficulties, just submit a ticket to the help desk.
  7. I would suggest you to reset your cPanel password once and try again. If the issue still persist, please post a ticket to the help desk, so that we can look into this issue.
  8. The man who changed the technologies. Rest in peace Steve, you'll remember forever.
  9. The main reseller account will have the separate resource limit as the reseller plan, or in on other words you'll get double resource limits for your entire reseller plan against the announced resource limit. Yes, it is possible to change the domain name of the main reseller account by posting a ticket to our help desk On a simple reseller account, the main domain and any other domains hosting on the reseller plan will have to set the same name servers assigned to the main domain. You only need to pay for the main reseller account, as hosting fee. If you would like to move any stand alone accounts to your reseller account, just submit a ticket to the help desk - so that we can move them to your reseller account and can cancel the separate billing of the moved account. You'll need to create a hosting account for these domains under your reseller account and switch the name servers as same as of the main domain, so that those domains will work fine from your reseller account. If they are currently hosted on a cPanel based server, we can transfer the hosting accounts and then, you can switch the name servers. If you would like to transfer the accounts, just submit a ticket to the help desk with the current cPanel user/password of those accounts. I am sorry for the confusion - but free shared SSL is available for virtual hosting plans and reseller plans, that includes any accounts under reseller plan too. Let us know if I missed any questions.
  10. Thanks for the kind words John We, the entire TCH team is very happy to see your kind words. As always, we are happy to assist you at help desk
  11. Our network team has found the issue and they fixed it. It looks like everything is good now. If you have any issues, please drop a ticket to the help desk.
  12. I am sorry, got disconnected when chatting with you and you left the session when I came back. However, as we discussed on chat, the test page I have created with simple html embedding of mp4 file was working at http://*********.com/video/test.html (masked the domain name from public area) If you still having issues with it, please post a ticket to the help desk - so that we can have another look.
  13. We have already been fixed the issue and replied to your ticket
  14. Welcome to the forums We suggest you to raise this issue to our help desk with your domain name, so that we can look into this issue.
  15. I am sorry, but apache_get_modules() will not work on on shared and reseller servers. Just submit a ticket for the help desk to check whether the module you are looking is enabled on your server.
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