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  1. Hi Alex. I wasn't sure what you meant by 'hostname', but after looking at the cPanel page I assumed it's the server name my domain is hosted on. So I left everything as set in the 1st post in the thread but changed mail.mydomain.net to <servername>.tchmachines.com and it worked! Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Hi, I've just purchased a Windows 8 tablet and have had trouble setting up the mail client that comes with it. This is the standard Windows 8 Mail. Going through the setup, POP isn't available only Exchange Activesync and IMAP. I select IMAP and select "show more details" which allows for manual configuration. I enter the email address, the username(xxx@mydomain.net), password, incoming IMAP server (mail.mydomain.net, Port 993, SSL is ticked), outgoing SMTP server (mail.mydomain.net, Port 465,SSL is ticked). I also select "Outgoing server requires authentication" and "use the same username and password to send and receive". When I click connect after a few seconds I receive an error "We still can't find settings for xxx@mydomain.net. Providing this additional info may help." There is no additional info to supply as you are still at the same screen. Just to make sure my settings were correct, I fired up Outlook 2010 on a PC on the same network. I added an e-mail account with the exactly(servers,ports, ssl) the same settings as above and clicked on "Test Settings". Both the Incoming & Outgoing tests completed successfully. This makes me think there is something under the covers of Windows 8 Mail that I'm not aware of. Has anyone configured the Windows 8 Mail client to work with their domain mail?
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