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  1. Not uncommon. My cat has it too, but it's gone away since I got rid of the plastic feedbowls (my first cat, I had no idea). The vet said to use stridex on her chin twice a week and it won't be a problem.
  2. localhost is correct for TCH servers. =) The dbtype connection you pointed to is what the original poster mentioned he tried. I did that via the admin and it appears to have cleared up the error, but time will tell... =)
  3. You should not have public_html in your URL. That is the root (/) of your website. Try removing that and see how you go.
  4. Just use /images/nameofimage.jpg instead of images/nameofimage.jpg. You don't need a URL in it, just use the beginning slash to tell it to look from web root. =)
  5. You will need to follow the instructions in the sticky post How to add your site before these can be added. Please do a seperate post for each site so that we can track the request properly. thank you!
  6. I believe that Coppermine can do this, and is one of the more popular solutions for it. I'm not sure if its main contender, Gallery, can - but it's worth looking at. =)
  7. If you can't see it in your cPanel please submit a ticket to the Help Desk so that they can have a look.
  8. The login to what? I'm a bit confused. It should be wherever you installed it, you can ftp in and upgrade it manually anytime. =)
  9. The software choices are whatever cPanel has in its latest stable release, so it depends if cPanel includes it or not. =)
  10. In my experience, satellite upload times are worst than dialup. You may want to try it with dialup and see what happens. Other than that I'm not really sure. =/
  11. Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk so that they can have a look at this. Mods here don't have access to your account nor the servers. =/ Thank you!
  12. Thanks, seestone. =) Welcome to the family! I'm just going to drop this into reviews...
  13. Yes, they can see the entire thread. =)
  14. I merged these topics since it's the same thing there is no need for a new topic. =)
  15. You can put in the "ourlilbear.com" here in the first box (WHOIS Lookup). If it says that the servers are totalchoicehosting as opposed to secureserver - then it has atleast begun propogating. Just out of curiosity - you bought hosting here, did you actually go and re-delegate your domain?
  16. I have no idea, easiest thing to do is try it. =) I don't have a setup where I can try test that at the moment.
  17. Meanwhile, I'm going to move this. I'm going to go eenie meenie miney moe between HTML/CSS and Dreamweaver. Wonder where it'll go.
  18. You didn't include a link to a page or anything, but generally if you use percentages rather than fixed widths, it should scale. You might google "fluid layouts" for information on that, though I think it'll be mostly CSS and I'm not sure if Dreamweaver outputs CSS by default, these days. =)
  19. I don't think you can do that, as far as I know our php config doesn't allow for calling URLs in includes. I can't really think of anyway to do this other than using a full path - /home/username/public_html/resources/images... etc I think that would work, anyway.
  20. Weezy.... we need a billion more details. What are you trying to accomplish?
  21. You can't tell if someone bookmarked you site - it would require tracking mouseclicks/keyboard maneuvers. Check out all the Google answers to your second question. =)
  22. It would also help to tell us exactly what "isn't working". Are you getting any error messages? If so, what are they?
  23. Are you going to http or https? If the former - no, if the latter - yes. It's usually no, which is why it defaults to that. =)
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