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  1. Already discussed in depth in this thread =)
  2. I only run ExpressionEngine, but any script that I run I am on the mailing list and RSS feed for. Then - when they tell me there's an update (and any major script will announce these) - I update. Of course, for EE this isn't necessary for me. I'm active on their forums and often know about these things before the general public.
  3. You're trying to login with Melody / Nelson? ... and are mt.cgi and all other .cgi files set to 755?
  4. You can't login if you haven't done the database thing. Have you checked that you set the permissions on mt-load.cgi to 755? And also, that you uploaded it in ASCII mode? These are the two most common causes of 500 errors.
  5. I like to spread my ability to be annoying to as many forums as possible. All of this in an attempt to procrastinate from work on my essays for University. =)
  6. Is this you? the pMachine forums really are the better place to get support. Especially since, apparently, I'll be answering both threads. =)
  7. Every blogging package I've seen has a mailing list and/or RSS feed that will happily tell you when there are new releases, and which ones are security/bug fixes. Running around is, happily, unnecessary. You can have that information delivered to you.
  8. I didn't get it either and I've been using the same email address since I was 16. Ah well, I already obsessively keep my scripts up to date.
  9. LisaJill


    I can get to both. The first one is a not-set-up site though. =)
  10. You should also make sure that mail going to a fake/non-existing account gets :failed: - most of my spam was guesses. Failing those mesages cut my spam dow drastically. You can do this by modifying the "catchall" in control panel. =)
  11. That should happen automatically with textareas if there is a space anywhere in the line.... Do you have a link to an example form where we can see this behavior?
  12. 500 errors usually happen for one of two reasons (or both): 1) File not uploaded in ASCII 2) File not set to 755 permissions Have you checked both of these?
  13. Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk . Mods here do not have access to the servers or your account. =) Thank you!
  14. I'd let the help desk know about this, if you believe there are people hacking in. The mods here don't have access to the servers or your account.
  15. Hrm. btw - in a post (that I have copied to the EEWiki, Nevin said that turning off Persisant Queries can help with load times - depending on server config. So you may want to play with it anyway. It seems to have helped my site in general terms.
  16. I use OSX's keychain to document them all. *winks*
  17. *pouts* My horde is the same boring purple thing. But I only use it to check my spam box so....
  18. Funkalicious - did you resolve your EE problem, btw? I haven't seen another instance of that SQL thing since I disabled persistant connections. I'm curious what success you'e had.
  19. lisa-jill.com, lisajill.net, lisajill.org. I clearly like it.
  20. Yes, to the Help Desk you go. *grins*
  21. I dunno what's in Stridex, but my cat has reacted very positively to it, so it's not a problem for me. =)
  22. Yes, that is the exact path. It works for me.... =) What software are you working with?
  23. Servants of the Map - Andrea Barrett. This was for class, however it was an excellent book and Andrea Barrett (who comes to speak/discuss her books in our class tomorrow) is an amazing author.
  24. Just because I know that Vik is going to ask.... you'll get a warning when 80% of your bandwidth has been used up. Depending on how big the spike is, you might be able to get in the request before the 100% mark. At 100% the system automatically suspends. The warning will be an email, so it is important that you use a NON-domain email, like gmail or some such. In case you do go over suddenly, if the email goes to your domain account - you might not get it. But there is some warning, so it all depends on his big the flood is. =)
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