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  1. Thank you Bruce. See, so simple. Yup, been spending way too much time on my website! Lee
  2. Ok, maybe my brain is just going numb but I cannot figure out how to include a sitemap to my website? Thanks, Lee
  3. nhlee

    Smf Problem

    Thank you Andy! That did the trick
  4. nhlee

    Smf Problem

    Thanks Andy, I will try that.
  5. GM everyone. I just installed SMF via my C-Panel. I can't get to the admin area. I type in --- link deleted --- and it brings me to an error page. Any help? Thanks, Lee EDIT: TCH-Bruce - removed link to prevent possible threat.
  6. I found it! It was hidden amongst some strange stuff! I apparently didn't save it correctly but all is well now. Thanks, Lee
  7. Well, I got my sub-directory and the password protect works great New Problem: Now I can't find the sub-directory on CSB4 in order to make changes to the pages in the sub-directory I found the sub on the c-panel but can't make changes there unless I do it all via html Isn't there any way that I can get back to these pages via CSB program? Lee
  8. Thank you for your help! I will try both ways to see which works best. As always, this site is the best! Lee
  9. Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I posted, been doing ok with all my sites but now I have a dilemma that I can't seem to figure out. I am using CuteSite Builder 4. I have a site which will promote membership. I need to know how I can add a page that will only be accessible via a password?? I have searched and searched but am getting numb brain from all the searching, can anyone help? Thanks, Lee
  10. Thank you both for responding so quickly. Yes, I did set up initial remote folder to public_html and I set up everything else the same as I did for CSB but nothing happens and I get the following message: THE LAST MESSAGE FROM THE SERVER IS User xxxxxx has group access to: xxxxxxx OK. Current restricted directory is / Do you have any idea what that means? Thanks again, Lee
  11. I am trying to find out what design programs TCH supports. I have always used CuteSite Builder but have just designed a new site with Web Easy Professional 6. For some reason I am having trouble publishing my site. Where can I find information on the programs supported by TCH? Thank you, Lee
  12. Well I don't know if it fixed itself or if you fixed it but it is working again. Thanks
  13. Bill, The domain is www.leatherandrace.com I don't know the server number. Thanks, Lee
  14. I accessed my c-panel for Leatherandrace.com yesterday just fine. This morning I am receiving the message "Invalid License File" I have tried accessing c-panel through several different ways in addition to my usual shortcut and still get the same result. Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Lee
  15. Thank you everyone for your help! I had pointed the domain to the incorrect name servers...I have fixed and now all is well. You all are awesome...thanks again! Lee
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