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  1. domain.com/sqmail. =) BTW: If you are running Mambo be very careful, it can be very intensive and is not often considered highly on shared hosting. I'm not sure what you have, but it's just something to keep an eye on. You can search our forums for "mambo" to read more =)
  2. Added. =) Nice site, but the flashing advertisement at the top nearly gave me seizures, and I'm not wont to have those.
  3. No, there is not. You have to stick with the standard if you want it to validate. You should use a tool that has global find and replace. I can suggest some for OSX if you use that. I'd suggest going with xHTML, at that.
  4. *gasps* hijacker!! *winks* Thanks, Rob. =)
  5. Please read How to add your site and then post, following the guidelines. Thanks!
  6. You should have received it within 24 hours and usually a lot faster than that. Have you tried submitting another ticket and asking?
  7. Oh, and database server name should be localhost. =)
  8. Moved to the right forum. =) A few things to note. Your database username and database name are prefixed by your cpanelname, So you should have cpanelname_glaucob and cpanelname_forum The other thing to make sure is that you have added the user to the database. to do this make sure the drop down boxes have the right selections and click, "add user to database" that should help. =)
  9. That's right, but it still eats bandwidth. I get several hundred of these hits a night, it's a pain in the ... neck.
  10. You can block by keywords, wholesale. For instance, I have blogspot blocked in my .htaccess. Not to mention a whole bunch of other words that aren't family friendly. The problem now is that they're using non-existant domains to do this and theres no catch all and they're always different. Others have noticed this, but I haven't kept up to see if there's a solution. I just kind of gave up, after a year of fighting these abominations, I no longer care.
  11. Have you read hte docs on running multiple domains? the system_path has to be a relative filepath, not a URL. Please check out some of these links if you need help with EE: --Need help? Check out the User Guide and Knowledge Blog. ---Want more help and/or have info to contribute? Check out the ExpressionEngine Wiki. and/or post back here for more assistance. =)
  12. Yes, you need to submit a Help Desk ticket and ask them to park the domain. =)
  13. Try using html { instead of body { for the scrollbar. body { works with HTML 4.01; xHTML transitional requires html {.
  14. Yes, they assume their M$ only, Access is a Windows only database. =)
  15. *blushes* Sorry, I should have just gone to sleep rather than trying to be super cool and adding it the second I saw it. Fixed. =)
  16. How many megabytes are in a gigabyte? = 1 gigabyte = 1 024 megabytes
  17. 50megs is a lot under a gig, so it would cost $2.50. You can upgrade/downgrade as much as you want. Note: you get a warning at 80% bandwidth, if you don't upgrade before it goes over your account gets automatically suspended by the system, so keep an eye on it.
  18. That's odd, I use firefox full time and have no problems, but I'm on OSX. If i may ask - what version of firefox are you using and have you seen any flash problems wiht other sites?
  19. That said, there is no reason why you couldn't install this yourself, even after using the 1-click install with cPanel, if it works with that version. =)
  20. I know nothing about Frontpage but a restore from cpanel should, theoretically, restore ay "web protects" you have. Those are just . htaccess files so if thatis what FP uses, then yes. That said, I don't use cpanels backup/restore methods so I can't say this from experience. =)
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