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  1. In Cpanel, I clicked "webmail" and I get : "Please choose a webmail program" message, but there is no webmail program listed. Just blank where the usual webmail program would be and the only option was to "Go back". Then I tried logging via: mydomainname.com/webmail and I get this: "You are logged in as myname@mydomainname.com" The only options are: - change password - forwarding - autoresponder - aging - logout What happened to webmail? Anyone having similar problems to this? Thanks.
  2. Okay. Thanks for the input. More food for thought. Many thanks.
  3. What kind of cookies are used in awstats? I clear browser's Temporary cookies quite often, so I'd like to know the specific names so when I go onto the website, it doesn't register me as a "unique" user everytime I go on it, giving me false positives. Thanks.
  4. I'm a bit rusty with the details on why's but... I think using /index.html is better than using the whole URL. But if you're using frames on your website, then I'd suggest using the whole URL otherwise it will only show partial content when someone finds you through via search engine.
  5. Okay. I've checked out those links and they came back as same numbers as the one I checked online. Many thanks to all who responded on figuring out what my IP really is. Thumbs Up I always thought my IP address was the one displayed when I run command which gets this: But then, I knew a friend who had the same result, thus increasing my confusion. If every single IP is different then why did that friend have same IP address? I guess we both were barking up the wrong tree with running the "ipconfig /all" command. I'm using a DSL router, which probably acco
  6. Thought I'd tinker with AWStats, and learn something new. For some time I wanted to try to exclude my ip address from being counted as part of AWStats. From what I can see, it will be reset unless set to read only. See configuring AWStats at: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...hl=awstats&st=0 My problem is that I'm not too sure what my ip address is. When I typed in "ipconfig /all" command on my computer, it listed ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS servers. Following numbers are provided and substituted, as an example. ip address: 123.123.1
  7. It works fine on my computer on both Netscape 7.1 and IE 6. I think maybe it has to do with your browser settings. Something to do with your browser's cache.
  8. Dunno where to place this... But with all the free software out there, I thought I'd share the list with you folks... So I did a search for a list of known spyware software and I found a list called: SISL List of Known Spyware Infested Software Cheers.
  9. Some people would word the whole email address. Example: myname at yahoo dot com For those who uses php, there's a php email script encoder that I like. It can be found at: http://embimedia.com/resources/labs/php-em...il-encoder.html
  10. Many thanks to all those that tried to help and addressing all my concerns with this email problem. Rock Sign
  11. Although, I still get those pop up message about certified authority. When I click on View Certificate, it says it's likely to be server34@totalhostingchoice.com, so I just ignore it from now on?
  12. Excellent!! Adding port number 26 to 'Outgoing Server' did the trick! I didn't have to uncheck "use secure connection" for it works with and without secure connection. Thank you! Thumbs Up
  13. Yes, the "use secure connection" is on. It won't accept ":26" part of server name. I'm using DSL and a router hub. Am still stuck on this. Any other ideas?
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