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  1. Flash menu, top right, about us -> hosting family. =) Or you can use this link.
  2. The information about their closing was initially on their forums - which was down, as is their order page. According to some information at the WebHostingTalk forums, they had some financial difficulties or some such. Anyway, they closed their hosting service, that's all that is really appropriate to discuss here. =) (btw: It was netspace, not netscape).
  3. Added. =) I forgot to mute my thing before loading this, *sighs* ;p Nice site otherwise, though. =)
  4. Mambo is really not appropriate on shared hosting, just try to bear that in mind. Many people use ExpressionEngine for a CMS, and it was really built for that although the semantics of it sometimes seem otherwise. There are really many great pure CMS packages (I've heard some like drupal -also started as a blog and is one of the few i never had a yen to install and check out). You should check out CMS Matrix (google it, sould be the first hit, I don't have the link handy though). =)
  5. I did when I used MT and it was completely not worth the amount of pain it is. This was pre version 3 and in v3 beta so I can't say if it's improved, but it doesn't really seem to have. As far as I know, this is the most common way of handling it. But that may be outdated now.
  6. Also moving to blogs for organization.
  7. Hi, I use ExpressionEngine and I am one of the support team members. I am omnipresent. *winks* Yes, you have to go to mysql manager and setup a database, a user, and then MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE USER TO THE DATABASE. <- that is in all caps because everyone misses it then comes here and asks for help. You can use whatever ousername you want, but it'll be cpanelname_whateveryou chose for your username and database, but your password will be exactly what you choose. =) Hope that helps!
  8. You don't even need phpmyadmin, but it makes it easier. You need to export your database to a .sql file so that it can be moved. =) As long as the database isn't 450meg we're good to go.
  9. Yes we have ImageMagick. What, exactly, is 450meg? Do you have a bunch of images or something? How big is your actual MovableType database? TCH will not do script installs etc, you'll need to install it yourself and set up the databases - however if you are having problems with the database import (using phpmyadmin) timing out, then you can upload the mysql file and submit a ticket and they'll run the import. =)
  10. What BoB said. In addition, yes, TCH allows mod_rewrite. =)
  11. Well, I don't run MT so I can't confirm or deny if it is a server problem. However, if you don't mind, we can confirm it pretty quickly. If you can PM your MT details (URL, ID and Password) with an account for me to post, I'll make a quick test post and see if the error comes up. If it does, then it'll be a Help Desk ticket - if it doesn't, we'll go from there. If you dont' want to let me do that, you might find someone you trust on a different type of setup. I run a Mac and have nothing of any sort that would cause that which is why I suggested it.
  12. Are you running anything on your pc that sniffs/deals with incoming/outgoing connections? Such as a firewall or virus scanner? Zone Alarm, Norton AntiVirus come to mind... anything like that?
  13. I'm also moving this to the software forum =)
  14. I, personally, think SmartFTP is the best PC ftp program out there. Transmit for OSX though. Sorry I can't add more to it.
  15. You can ping and use trackback from our servers, no problem. Actually, if you sign up for a year you get a month free, there is no setup fee no matter how you pay. There would be no surprises, and you have a 30-day money back gaurantee, on top of that. =) I'm just going to edit out your old hoster's name as we try not to cause... problems.
  16. PM a blue or red person with your domain and we'll hook ya up.
  17. This one is also 108 words, very long. Can you bring it down a bit please? Thank you. =)
  18. Need you to cut that down. It far exceeds the recommended 75 max words. =)
  19. I *think* to do that that you would need 777, but I'm not great with permissions. Worth a shot though.
  20. It's 5:50pm... not even dinnertime yet. Either you have a strange schedule or you're not in the East Coast of the U.S.
  21. Hello! =) (If you need help with something, we definitely need help to help you. Lots and lots of information.)
  22. Yay, more high-school like popularity contests! *winks*
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