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  1. Yeah, Franklin Covey books are always interesting to read... no... wait. Those were my eyelids, not words. Well, they are effective... as a sedative. In all fairness, I've read most all of the motivational, effectiveness and interpersonal skills books I can get a hold of. Makes life a little more comfortable when you're almost phobic about crowded settings and can just follow the steps and tips you read in a book somewhere.
  2. Tim, if you'd provide us with a link to the thread in question, we could take a closer look at it with you. The forums were upgraded a while back, and there might still be a few loose ends here and there that we, as mods, are not able to easily experience.
  3. I read for about 1 hour every morning I run the gamut from my 4-wheeling magazines and other periodicals (Reader's Digest, PC, etc.) to tech manuals to my wife's cast offs. Right now I am reading a series about a wizard in Chicago... Hary Dresden. Pretty interesting and captivating, as I seem to be killing off a 300 pager in about 7 hours. I also like Whodunnits and have read all of the Sue Grafton Alphabet series with Kinsey Milhone. I read just about anything I can get my hands on, including the backs of shampoo and other toiletry and cleaning bottles when desperate. LOL
  4. I don't have any idea right this second... maybe someone will pop in and provide you with some ideas to try.
  5. Few or none of you may know him, even though he was quite a fixture in the 4-wheel-drive scene for many years. But those who did know him either loved or hated him... most the former. "The FAMOUS! Mr. Ed" (as he was called in his Mr. Ed's Excellent Adventures videos) passed away this dreary weekend. My version of the news is limited, but he apparently died from pneumonia. Nonetheless, a prominent figure, Ed Melendy, is gone. This man was like a father to me for a long time. He was one of the first wheelers I met in AZ that was nice to a stupid little punk kid in a red Jeep CJ-7. H
  6. Nope, She wasn't happy with that engine failure. Did anyone watch the Busch race from Mexico City today? I have to say... you take those boys out of the roundy-round and make their pit crews service from the other side of the vehicle and things go nuts. That was the funniest race I've seen in a while. You could tell that the camermen and other production folks were not the normal ones found here in the states.
  7. This instance isn't a violation of the AUP, as interpreted and explained again to me a few minutes ago. So I can respond now Following the steps above will net you a folder for each of the teachers, by login name. This will can also reflect their own little sites. However, talking with one of the paid staffers has alerted me that you will quickly run out of room on your site should you do too many sites or not properly manage them. Additionally, FrontPage is not always very friendly when dealing with subdomains, so be aware of that possible pitfall.
  8. I would bet that the person is/was running some sort of website on their Cox account and using your images for their pages. However, instead of downloading them, then uploading them to their own server, they are linking to them from your domain. aka leeching. It is a similar thing to hotlinking and can be protected against with the same methods. EDIT: I did a little checking, and this person is running cable internet. With that type of bandwidth usage on your site, I would also imagine that this person was experiencing extremely high usage on their account and Cox shut them down for run
  9. I, personally, don't have any single favorite driver. But I do try my best to catch the races on the tube. My wife, however, really likes Michael Waltrip. She once saw that show that was interviewing the drivers and such in their coaches or at their homes. She fell in love with his little curly-headed monster of a daughter, and the fact that he seems to be such a great dad and husband. That and the dark curly hair on his yhead LOL. I have to say, he does always seem to be a rather calm and composed guy, even in the face of a DNF. Just not too keen on his showboat of a team mate/owner.
  10. All of the above, plus we like to poke and joke at each other. Once you get to know all of the regulars, and our personalities, you'll realize we don't just think of you as a number, or a monthly fee... but as a friend that we'd feel happy to help out. Welcome to the Family!
  11. I just KNEW someone would chime in with 42 LOL The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything = 42
  12. Alert: Three nasty new worms are on the loose--all are designed to lower your user's guard, then pounce. Name: Bropia.F Type: Worm Vulnerability: New Bropia variant uses pair of worms to infect systems How it works: The new Bropia offshoot, which uses MSN Messenger to spread, is packaged with a second, more damaging worm. See details on Bropia.F http://techrepublic.com.com/5100-6264_11-5...ml?tag=nl.e101# Name: Bobax.H Type: Worm Vulnerability: New worm turns your PCs into spam factories How it works: Photos of a "dead" Saddam Hussein are the lure for a new mass-mailing worm.
  13. Yeah, we have a benzoyl peroxide shampoo from the vet for this for the time being. Said that most human stuff contains alcohol and is irritating to the kitty. I am using it nightly right now and it'll hopefully go away. Poor furball Gross, though... man oh man... so gross!!
  14. OK, get this... my cat apparently has begun suffering from feline acne. How in the world does this happen? She doesn't eat chocolate. Heck, she is on a prescription food from the vet. Well, I had a kitten and then a toddler cat. Now I've got a teenager and I am pulling my hair out... just look at my picture and see what this cat is driving me... baldness, that's what!!! Anyway, I did learn something interesting. Cats are apparently allergic to plastic or some such. My cat eat/drinks out of stainless stell, but she chgews on anything plastic around the house. The vet says this co
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