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  1. I'm not good with these, but does: ><option value="http://wired.com" target="newwin">Wired News</option> not work?
  2. Not nearly enough information, please follow the guidelines form How to add your site to the family pages and then we can do it.
  3. It should be easiliy under 24 hours, if not less than 12. If you haven't received any response (not even a, "looking into it" type) then I'd add another reply to the ticket (you should do that via the page, it's easier IMO) and ask for it to be looked at again.
  4. It should have been answered by now. Did you get the automatic confirmation email about the ticket? Did you check your spam box? If you got the automatic confirmation you can click the link to check the status of your ticket -if you didn't, then it probably got blocked by your filters.
  5. dodos mail or ultimate form mail. both will work on TCH and have been used by our family for awhile ithout hiccups.
  6. We appear to have XML::Parse - it's listed in my perl modules, anyway. I think if you have his permission, that should be fine. But a staffmember should confirm that. But you can use copyright stuff with permission in almost any medium so it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Looking at the old site just doesn't give us any information to help - that's why you're not getting the answers that you seek. The system will notify at 80% of quota usage, so you can then upgrade/buy more bandwidth if that becomes a problem. In that case - guess, and buy a plan that you think should do it, and go from there. If quota hits 100% your site will be *automatically suspended*. So - warning at 80%, Suspension at 100%. Make sure you use an email not associated with that domain for the cpanel contact information to be totally safe. =)
  8. First, I'm going to move this to pre-sales for now. Two, can you find out how much disk space and bandwidtch, each month, his site takes? That is what we need to find out.
  9. Go to public_html and create a directory called bossanova, and then use that directory for following the installation instructions included with wordpress, which you can also find at the wordpress site.
  10. Submit a ticket to the Help Desk please. =)
  11. Frontpage I can't advise on, I've never used it for more than a minute. I'd suggest a real ftp program such as SmartFTP or CuteFTP for the PC - or Transmit for the Mac. robert - that's not true. cPanel is only one of many systems that hosts use to manage users, there are other systems, proprietary and non- that companies use. Duke could easily have many databases. =)
  12. That depends. You first need to ftp down all your folders from cox and upload them to TCH - making sure that any "public" pages (www accessible) are in public_html or deeper. Then, if you have a database, you need to move that- do you have one? No point dealing with it if you don't. You also need to make sure that all your email accounts are set up at TCH so that when you redelegate your domain, they're ready to go. Depending how you set up your pages and scripts, you'll need to make sure that paths are accurate for the TCH servers.
  13. Oh, I don't run MT, I haven't in a long time. In EE it's just a configuration setting. =) I stopped him after only 3 trackbacks at 5am this morning, no worries at all.
  14. No idea... are you running blacklist and is it helping? If not, is thre a way to turn off trackbacks wholesale until he ceases?
  15. They jumped from $40 to $100 installations? Holy cow. *blinks* You should have asked here, I've handheld/done installations for some members for free. I avoid it but I could have troubleshooted your problem at least.... A lot of us would have been more than happy to help. Happy it's running, though!
  16. You can PM a blue person too, we're allowed to give it out. But Bruce might want to hide. *winks*
  17. If you have www.domain.com and you're not ready to open - it's totally allowed to post a "coming soon" type page. However, cybersquatting (holding on to a domain for the purpose of selling it to its more legitimate owner) is not allowed as it breaks the law, and therefore also breaks our AUP.
  18. A bunch of us using EE got spam last night, I'd link to the entry on my site but it's mean. *winks* The spams all had random letter combos for title, body and URL, and all came froma different IP right to the first octet. I'm not sure if this is what you've got (trackback spam has been a problem for atleast a year, really) - but it appears to be a prelude to an attack on some sites: a testing of their script. Hard to block too, since it's totally random. I turned off trackbacks on my site for the meantime.
  19. No, that would be against the Acceptable Use policy unless you have a reseller account. Otherwsie they'd both have to point to www.mycompany.
  20. Unlimited pointing to the root of your domain. You can't point domains to subsections of your site.
  21. Yes, it's ws_ftp, there should be an option to show hidden files (.blah - the period indicates a hidden file) - but I run a mac and can't run ws_ftp to find it for you. =)
  22. Until your domain is propogated you have to use /~username in the path, because / points to the ip's root, not your site root. Once the domain is propogated, it'll work. As far as I know, there isn't a way around this.
  23. That's just too vague a question nowadays. If you google what is a blog you'll get a ton of responses. For me? It's just an outlet, a way to share my life with friends, family, strangers, and to make new friends. It's a hobby and something fun. For others, especially political blogs, it may be a way to spread a message and/or gain a following. The same as any other media now, really. As far as RSS: Because a blog is based on "entries" onto a site, RSS can be used to send those entries to a news aggregator so that people don't have to go to each site to check up on it - the artilcles, as they were, are sent to the reader. It's a convenience for readership.
  24. LisaJill

    Drupal Anyone?

    I haven't kept up with Drupal development - but I know that when I was, customizing the templates was nearly impossible. Has that changed? I personally use ExpressionEngine - but it's costly so some people don't consider it. =)
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