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  1. Daniel, Thanks so much, I just tried the passive mode and ftp connected very quickly and I can see the files on the remote site, which I hadn't been able to do before. I think you have just saved me hours of waiting during ftp's. thanks much!!!!!!!! Whatever passive ftp is, it works!!!!! Lynn
  2. Hi Gang, I have been having problems using FTP on my sites recently. I use Dreamweaver MX and most of the time when I connect to remote. I get an error that the remote time could not be determined and then I do not see the remote files. I can still upload tho, but it seems to take forever and sometimes I get an error that it could not delete the remote file even tho when looking at the log the upload seemed to work. I have 9 or 10 sites and it seems like they work better after just being created??? I have had times when I have called the help desk and I believe they stopped and re-started ft
  3. thanks guys, maybe a simple help desk application would work. thanks Lynn
  4. Hi Bruce, ya I know what you mean. I have only created one forum and didn't do much with permissions, I thought maybe the admin could do it via a memberlist security or something similar. What I would like to do is make my customer the admin of the forum and give them instructions on how to set up a new user with only the permission to view one password protected page. They would then update the status of their customers paperwork on this page till the process was complete and then they could delete the user and the page. I suppose when you set up a new user you have to go thru the ema
  5. I thought about folder security, but there could be a hundred different seperate accounts needed concurrently. If I used a forum, how can I set it up so the customer could only see there one page of info? thanks Lynn
  6. Hello, I need to come up with a way to handle this, I have someone who would like to password protect pages for their customers so they can log in and check the status of Their project. So I need some way for my user to be able to create, edit and delete pages and assign password protection and then have them email their customers with the link and password. I am thinking of maybe a forum or a blog, does anyone have any ideas????? thanks much Lynn
  7. Hi Nat, just wondering if you came up with a solution? I am looking for something very similar, I would an easy way to add info to a secure ssl db, probably using the shared ssl on total choice. Lynn
  8. thanks guys, ok are there any easy tools for entering and retieving info from a secured mysql db? thanks lynn
  9. OK I think I have a handle on how the shared ssl certificate works. I am still struggling with how to do the email securely? Does anyone have any suggestions as how to secure the email, or would it be secure it I just have the client access the eamil via cpanel and not download to outlook? thanks Lynn
  10. Hi Gang, I have been asked to build a site for a mortgage co. that would include a form asking for personal and financial info. I have never worked with secure sites and have some questions please? I know totalchoice support ssl sites, do i request it when ordering or do i turn it on somehow? Do I just secure the directory or the form page asking for the info? If people fill out a secure form how do I secure it when it is emailed? thanks for any info!!!!! Lynn
  11. Thanks gang, that worked Dick and I think I am going to like wordpress. thanks Lynn
  12. Hi Lisa, what I am trying to do is give the web owners a place where they can update their own website by themselves and use as they wish. I can see where it could be used to replace a newsletter, post monthly events or in the case of one that is a bookseller, she could post book reviews etc. I would like this to be less work for them and me on updating ever changing info. Some would have pictures to include and I need to give them a method to upload. I will look some more at wordpress, they may have it built in and I missed it? thanks Lynn
  13. Thanks for the help folks, I installed wordpress and am impressed with how easy it was. I am going to offer it as a way for some of the owners of the sites I have designed to be able to update and use instead of a newsletter etc. Now the next question, what would be the best way to allow them to upload photos to include in their blog. I am thinking of creating a directory for photos and show them how to ftp with something like cute ftp and then how to include the photo in the blog. Are there other or better ways of doing this. Thanks again for your help. Lynn
  14. Hi Gang, I am looking for an easy to install, maintain blog system to run on TCH site. I am wondering if Moveable type is the best choice or if there are now some better choices since blogs have been around for a while now? I have a few sites I designed and maintain and would like to offer them the option of blogs that they can update. Thanks in advance for any info....Lynn
  15. thanks for the info guys, all I want to do is use the fields to populate a coupon on the 2nd html with a name and email address entered from the form and let users print the 2nd page. Can I do this using the script from Total Choice? It looks like the phorm would replace the form processing script I got from Total Choice is that correct? can the $redirect statement pass parameters? thanks Lynn
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