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  1. Is mail.2helpout.net what was in your setup email? is it your primary domain? I ask because I note that you have a site at www.evanginc.com - if that is your primary domain it may be mail.evanginc.com as your server.... But I would go by the initial set up email that you received. Beyond that I wil defer to someone with more access to troubleshoot. =)
  2. Did you try username+2helpout.net for your User Name? (replacing username with the name you set in cpanel) Another thing to check: did you make sure that you used the same cases in cpanel and in Outlook? The servers are case sensitive - so if you set up the name "evanginc" it has to be "evanginc+2helpout.net" in the User Name. It can't be Evanginc or any such thing - cases must match - same goes for passwords. =) Also, did it give you any specific error? That would help to find the problem.
  3. I use SmartFTP too. Have used ws_ftp and doozler (yuckity yuck). But like SmartFTP the best =)
  4. I, too, don't worry about websafe colors. My stats, for one, don't indicate that people in older browsers where this is an issue are coming to my site. For another, well, those people need to upgrade. =) But I am not running a business site. I don't have to impress clients on IE 5 or Netscape 4. If I had to, that would be a different goal and I would have to take it into account. As it goes though, noone has said to me "oh my god your color scheme is horrid in Netscape 4" so I don't worry about it. =) not sure I would if the problem was only one person, to be honest. Not on a personal site. Plus, I have several skins, one of them is definitely web safe colors, and I believe 2 are, so people have a lot of choice there.... One thing I *do* check for, is color blindness accessibility, as one of my dearest friends is color blind, and I do that via Visicheck. I have found that to be a very enlightening guide. =)
  5. I used Google's search for my website before I used MT (which has a built in search engine). It seemed to work out pretty well but I don't have an extremely high traffic site... =) may want to look into it though.
  6. Thank you Mike, my apologies for that. I didn't want someone to come by and say "it's not working because of a typo" when I had just messed up editing it! Anyway. I *think* I got this to work. The default .htaccess has some frontpage information in it - i don't use frontpage, so I deleted it. It appeared to have some sort of statement that read to ignore .htaccess.... I can't post it because I deleted it hehe. I then added a word from one of my category pages in, as a test. Went to that category page then tried to jump around the site - and got denied by a javascript popup (redirect maximum hit or some such) - I expected it to go to a Forbidden page - but whatever stops them, suits me. Just posted this in case someone else needs to know. =) I have a LOT of referrers in the list as you can see above, so if anyone wants the unedited line for their own .htaccess, you can pm me. =)
  7. Hey everyone, Prior to moving my site, I had this information in my .htacceses: >SetEnvIfNoCase Referer ".*(xxx|___|___|___|netcraft|dcmoviez|uni-hannover|shatteredreality|johnkerry|janet|jackson|superbowl|blogspot|asian|pics|____| ex-com|_____|____|____|escort|____|marijuana|____|free-chatroom|gabriola|springbreak|janet-jackson|beuchercrawler|____|____|xenadrine|livehomewebcam|joe2004|___|mp3int|SPAMMER-BEWARE|gambling|poker|___|____|____|____|starprose|socksproxy|____|xxx|___|wild-party-movies|gabriola-island|____|the-proxy).*" BadReferrer order deny,allow deny from env=BadReferrer [TCH-MikeJ: Edited to make more family friendly.... The code is still accurate] (note, I have left the full list so that I wouldn't misedit and show an error that I didn't actually have... if that line above violates the tos, let me know and I'll cut it down to a select few that don't....) which meant that if anyone came from a URL with that keyword, they'd get denied. I like that. I never saw these sites in my referrer logs after adding them to this list... However, I've put them in .htaccess right at the end but AWStats is still showing these referrers and they're numbers are increasing every night. Now, I'm a bit confused. I have custom error pages - so would they still get logged as referrers? I was under the impression that I could cut down this leeching by using this directive... I've tried IP Banning, and all of the spam sites (mostly from blogspot) resolve to one or two IP's, but AWstats is still showing them as getting through. I've done the IP Banning via control panel: So, can someone take a moment and clarify for me if AWStats should still be listing these, since they hit a custom page - and/or if I'm doing something wrong? I really don't feel like assisting these dork's google rankings... -Lisa
  8. It was 4am, i forgot about Google. That's my excuse... You're a rush fan =) A lot of Rush fans end up reading my sites name as distant early warning *giggles* - I'm a rush fan too, and I'm well aware of the closeness, but it was not intended. Thank you for the guide! I'm going to implement this, it should help a lot. I was thinking about that conundrum about how it may let people get around the filters, but sometimes we have to make concessions to get what we need? I'll fiddle with it though, I'm sure I can come to some kind of compromise. =) Thank you again! -Lisa
  9. This is the first time I've had spam assassin available to me, so apologies if I seem a little bit confused on this. I've wanted it for a long time but it simply wasn't possible. I have just spent a lot of time reading the spamassassin wiki and documentation and I'm sure it's there and I'm just blind, but I can't find it. Beause my site is mostly a weblog, I get a fair few comments from unpredictable addresses (i like it when that happens =)) so I can't whitelist (consistently) based off domain or email address. An example is this, which did go to the enabled spam box, and I caught it....: All of these messages have certain keywords in the subject being "distant, early morning" ... I added the keywords to the whitelist_from - but I believe I've done that in error, that being meant to be a from field in an email. Can someone tell me in dumbspeak how to stop filters based off certain keywords in a subject? Thank you. =)
  10. That was happening last night to me, too, before the propogatoin occurred. I don't see it anymore, however, in IE, Moz, Firefox or Opera.... Give it a day and it will probably disappear for you guys, too... I'm working on ditching the refsearch crap - I had that due to not having AWStats, but I no longer need it. =) My old stats package had crud for referrer listings I'm going to post a site review once the delegation has propogated properly, that way there won't be any confusion - but a lot of the stuff was uh, hotlinked to my old site (used full url's for some) so it was causing some very funky display issues. I ran it through browsercam awhile back and looked great... I'd love it if you guys would help me review it after its moved, but be patient with me for now, I know it looks weird -Lisa and of course I won't object to being linked to - but let me know so I can check out your site!
  11. I just woke up, forgive me. Yes, propogation of the re-delegation! *looks above* that's a flimsy excuse, but it'll have to do for now *ducks*
  12. Well, it appears my site has finally delegated (under 24 hours, fastest I've seen....) at least for me... so I'll post this. I may be jumping the gun on the proper site being viewable for everyone, though. =) 1. http://www.lisa-jill.com/ (plus about 5 forwards, but this is the main one) 2. distant, early morning 3. weblog, poetry, prose, essays and photography. 4. text link to tch as per their preference - and there being no 80x15 image that fits in with the rest of mine. Link is in the 'misc' section in the right column. =) I am absolutely thrilled, the delegation went so smoothly and I'm even receiving mail properly.. not sure how much I lost, must be some - less junkmail this morning than usual. The site is already running faster and I'm extremely pleased with my decision to move over and join here. -Lisa
  13. I'd love to abuse company time, but I'm not employed - full time studies, that's why I have so much time to work on my site.... or something Naughty you guys are wonderful, thank you. I look forward to getting everything moved over =)
  14. None yet. I'm just bored and wishing I'd done this earlier so I had a project to work on overnight Thanks for the welcome. I am incredibly impressed at the family atmosphere you have going on here, and the forums and level of service I've seen just blow me away. Thank you again. =)
  15. I have, about an hour ago, signed up for the silver plan here. I am posting in this forum because I wanted to thank Amarol for his time in the chat room, answering my pre-sales questions. He was incredibly patient and helpful, and immediatley after we finished I went ahead and signed up. Just sitting here, waiting for the email with the details so I can get things rolling. I look forward to joining 'the family' and want to thank you guys for making it so easy and transparent. -Lisa
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