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  1. I've got a couple of email forwarder questions regarding forwarding addresses I've setup on my account via the CPanel interface. I have some forward addresses sending mail to a gmail address of mine. Gmail has a feature where you can append +[string] to the email address so you can in theory tell where the email came from. So I had been appending the +[string] to my forwarders to know which forwarder would be sending it. However, it appears CPanel no longer allows the "+" character as a valid char in the email address so I can no longer create an email like foo+someform@gmail.com. This is fine, but I can also no longer delete forwarders with the +[string] in them either. My question is, is there another way I can modify these addresses? Second, I've noticed that if I run the "Trace" function on a forwarded address it will display my forwarder address as well as the email that it is forwarding the email to. The question here is what is the "Trace" function doing? Is this looking at the MX Records to determine the route? Is this something that a spammer could possibly "tap into" to see what email address the forwarder eventually routes messages to?
  2. woogu


    Is it possible to use an application like MySQL-Front (http://www.mysqlfront.de/) to connect to the TCH mysql servers? I know there is the PHP MyAdmin, or whatever it is called, but this is a pretty nice app. that I was interested in using.
  3. my domain registration is up in july, where do i go to renew it with tch? when i transfered to tch i had my domain renewed then with them, is there anyway to easily just add on another year or two now?
  4. Will this update the address that TCH uses when billing notices are sent as well as anyother messages...?
  5. Where do I go to update the information that is on my domain registration. Also, where do I go to update the email address that the billing notices are sent to? I've been looking for a while and havent found anything about it.
  7. I just got that email about the name server updates and I had my domain re-registered through TCH when I transfered my hosting to TCH. Where do I go to update my name server information?
  8. woogu


    is there any possibility that tomcat will be / can be installed on the servers in the future?
  9. Full size version can be seen at: http://temp.woogu.com/tch_IMG_0811.jpg -Tony
  10. so uhh... i was looking throught the forums and saw the open discussion, and figured i'd read some and start posting, but looking through the messages it seems like its more general tech supportish stuffs... do you guys get some discussions going here ever? or was that the point of the dvd burner contest? i think i saw that mentioned in the email, or something like it, either way i'm always looking for somewhere else to post.
  11. yeah it's my first real posting, i posted a few pre-sale questions, but i figured its the best time to get in on the forums.. i was worried the full sized was too big so thats half sized. a few full size images can be seen here the silver one is one of my linux boxes, the big one is win2k
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