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  1. We allow one domain name per hosting plan. We will park an additional domain name on top of the original one hosted, but it will resolve to the same site. Under no circumstances will we allow more than one domain per hosted plan that does not resolve to the main hosted sites index.htm file. You cannot pint an additional domain name to a sub-domain either. This is a violation of our TOS and AUP, and will cause the account to be immediately suspended, and face possble termination.
  2. Simply log into the help desk, and there is a link at the top to purchase additional hosting services.
  3. Ahhhh, I noticed a couple of good things on your desk..... Sugar Pops, and Code Red!
  4. Your next step is to purchase a hosting plan for your domain name. Once you do that, you will receive a welcome email with the information you need to get your site uploaded to our servers.
  5. Hey Mickey! A little late, but welcome back!
  6. We actually tested the cPanel X-Theme, but found some issues with it, and have decided not to offer it at this time.
  7. We can park that old domian name on top of the name you curently have hosted with us, and both will resolve to the current hosted account. They cannot go to separate sites with our hosting plan. If you need the old domain name to go to it's own site, then you will either need to purchase another hosting plan, or a reseller plan. If you want the old domain name parked on top of the current one, AND resolve to the same site, then open a help desk ticket. We will park it on top of your hosted name for free.
  8. Sure, blame the hillbilly. Just because I walk around barefooted, with a piece of grass sticking out of my mouth, does that automatically mean I can find the delete button? Or maybe I could just say..... "I dd not make contact with the delete button"
  9. Junior


    Welcome to the world of search engines. It may show up tomorrow, next week, next month, or NEVER. There is no guarantee that it will ever show up. Ah, the joy of free search engine submission...you are at their mercy. It is their decision whether to include you or not to include you.
  10. I believe that if you only want him to have access to that particular folder, you will need to set him up an ftp account with that username. That way, when he logs in, he will automatically go to that folder. Host name: ip address user: saforums@****** passsord: whatever you assign remeber that the server is case sensitive, so everything must be in lower case The user name above must be in that syntax, (username@yourdomain)
  11. Junior


    Yes, I answered your email a few minutes ago.
  12. If you have not received a reply to your email, send me (tony@totalchoicehosting.com) an email with the following info: Name address domain name I will check into the issue, and get back to you.
  13. I send email out multiple times daily with Outlook. I use mail.****, and it always goes out (of course, '****' is replaced with my actual domain name). What kind of error are you getting? If it is a "Relaying denied" error, you have to check your email prior to sending any out. It you are getting a port blocked error, then you need to discuss this with your isp. Outlook works fine on our servers.
  14. I've registered it with you guys, and depending on whether I can park it I will have you guys host it, too. But I kinda need more than a "most likely"...
  15. This can, most likely, be parked at your registrar when you are finished. We do not park domain names on TotalChoice.
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