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  1. Sorry bout that. That is the last thing I want to be known as, sort of I just get into so much stuff where I am responsible for getting around safegaurds and locks that I sometimes forget to think of the poor folks trying to secure or optimize a network... and typically at the request of someone who has no idea how or why. They just "read it somewhere" that this or that way is better. -GG
  2. I think Jim put it best... it was probably localized to your ISP, or even local/regional DNS servers for your ISP. To have something like this happen to more than even 10% of the world would take a major disruption in the SONET backbones or other main datapaths on which the net runs. And even most of those are self-healing. If your ISP told you that figure, then I would seriously consider a new ISP if available... or realize that the tech you spoke with was not very well educated about the Internet beyond the support scripts given to all 1st level techs. Either way, it would appear that your ISP had to restore DNS tables from a backup for whatever reason, and they are not backing them up often enough. DNS can be critical to businesses with a web presence and should be backed up daily or at least every few days... a week is too long especially if it is the only DNS server they have for that area. Single-server DNS is apparent in this case due to the loss of data. The secondary should have kicked in and taken over upon failure of the first. Glad to see you back online, though.
  3. I made the offer to show a bypass only to try and troubleshoot without the extra effort of approaching IT. I know that sometimes the layman is nervous when approaching IT dept's doors... the things they do in those dark little caves would put the fear of God into some folks, LOL. Besides, I was only going to instruct to check and record the proxy settings and then disable proxy temp to see if the site could be accessed. I apreciate you all telling that it might not be the best idea. I am just so used to circumventing everything from the outside trying to get in that I don't even think of what it's like on the other side. Go, talk to them and get their answer... then we will go after the bypass <evil grin> -GG
  4. It seems that you would use the following, but I cannot confirm it through lookups. You may want to simply open a service ticket and those guys will get you fixed right up. PaySystems: Customer service number: 1-888-751-0744 Web site: http://auth.paysystems.com/cardholder/
  5. If you are brave enough I can tell you how to attempt a bypass on the proxy. Let me know if you want to route around it for... testing purposes only!
  6. That's great! Reminds me of how my cat is laying 80% of the time.
  7. You do have a couple of options here, which I am sure you realize, but do bear pointing out: 1. If you have the room on your site, create a folder that is separate from your normal images, but at or above the images level (directly off the root for example) and place a duplicate of the images you would consider hotlinking to in there. Make sure to allow hotlinking, though. 2. Create another folder same as above, but... instead of placing duplicates, place the only copy of those images you would consider hotlinking in this accessible folder. you still have full access to the images from your pages so it is not a big deal. The hard part is remembering which folder has which when building pages. As for Pros/Cons: Pro: you can link to anywhere you want and your pics and such will not appear with someone else's graphic watermarked on them, or just not at all. Con: So can anyone else. Con: every time someone opens the page that has the linkind file, or refreshes the page, that file is downloaded again and this, my friend, will cost you in bandwidth.
  8. Edit: was not thinking clearly, obviously. Info removed -GG
  9. Bruce, Gonna use a zipzip? that is definitely the way to go. jrsweets, the use of the zip files is definitely a better solution. mp3 and other streamable files will send your bandwidth through the roof.
  10. The array types are very specific apparently. I was reading and saw that there are like 4 different types you need to enter just for rar files. If you know the different types, and what they need to be opened with, you can simply edit the php file to allow for those types. Bruce, my bet would be that you have encountered that level of accuracy that this file requires to operate correctly. -GG
  11. If you are using an email client other than the webmail, then, yes, you can easily. You simply setup two different email accounts within the email client and that's that. I know that in the Microsoft products, they allow you to select which account you want to send form (Outlook 2000 and up) and Outlook Express allows similar if I recall correctly. Other than that, I make no assurances.
  12. I have been doing some reading around on the Internet and this seems to be a problem many folks have been having. I did see this code from that file that makes it appear that it won't work: <?php $mime_types = array( // mime allow post img type allow avatar "application/pdf" => array( 1, 'pdf.gif' , 'PDF Document' ) , "image/x-png" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'PNG Image' ) , "video/vivo" => array( 1, 'win_player.gif', 'VIVO Movie' ) , "application/x-compress" => array( 1, 'zip.gif' , 'Compressed File') , "video/x-msvideo" => array( 1, 'win_player.gif' , 'MS Video' ) , "text/html" => array( 1, 'html.gif' , 'HTML Page' ) , "audio/x-pn-realaudio" => array( 1, 'real_audio.gif', 'Real Audio File') , "image/gif" => array( 1, 'gif.gif' , 'GIF Image' ,1 ) , "video/x-ms-wmv" => array( 1, 'win_player.gif', 'Windows Media Video' ) , "video/ms-wmv" => array( 1, 'win_player.gif', 'Windows Media Video' ) , "audio/x-ms-wma" => array( 1, 'mp3.gif' , 'Windows Media Audio' ) , "audio/ms-wma" => array( 1, 'mp3.gif' , 'Windows Media Audio' ) , "audio/basic" => array( 1, 'mp3.gif' , 'AU Audio File' ) , "video/mpeg" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'MPEG Video' ) , "image/ico" => array( 1, 'gif.gif' , 'Icon File' ) , "application/x-tar" => array( 1, 'zip.gif' , 'TAR Ball' ) , "image/x-MS-bmp" => array( 1, 'bmp.gif' , 'BMP Image' ) , "image/tiff" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'TIFF Image' ) , "text/richtext" => array( 1, 'txt.gif' , 'Rich Text' ) , "audio/x-realaudio" => array( 1, 'realaudio.gif' , 'Real Audio' ) , "application/mac-binhex40" => array( 1, 'stuffit.gif' , 'Mac Binary' ) , "audio/x-aiff" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'AIFF File' ) , "application/x-gzip" => array( 1, 'zip.gif' , 'GZIP File' ) , "application/zip" => array( 1, 'zip.gif' , 'ZIP File' ) , "application/postscript" => array( 1, 'postscript.gif', 'Postscript' ) , "application/msword" => array( 1, 'word.gif' , 'MS Word doc' ) , "video/quicktime" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'QuickTime Movie') , "application/powerpoint" => array( 1, 'apps.gif' , 'PowerPoint Doc' ) , "audio/x-wav" => array( 1, 'sound.gif' , 'WAV File' ) , "audio/x-mpeg" => array( 1, 'mp3.gif' , 'MPEG Audio' ) , "image/jpeg" => array( 1, 'jpeg.gif' , 'JPEG Image' ,1) , "application/x-zip-compressed" => array( 1, 'zip.gif' , 'ZIP File' ) , "application/octet-stream" => array( 1, 'quicktime.gif' , 'OCTET Stream' ) , "text/plain" => array( 1, 'text.gif' , 'Text File' ) , "image/pjpeg" => array( 1, 'jpeg.gif' , 'JPEG Image' ,1) , ); ?> You might try adding this into the code of that file, but be sure to back up your original: "audio/mp3" => array( 1, 'mp3.gif' , 'MPEG audio' ) ,
  13. I, Like Bruce, am not sure. mp3 is tyically reserved for download or streaming only, rar is jsut another compression type and PDF is also download only, but takes the adobe reader to view it. Let me look into this as well and I will return with feedback -GG
  14. This may be due to the fact that portable executables can run arbitrary code (malware or viruses), so IPB may have just blocked them all together for saftey reasons. Besides, the .zip files will be smaller than the uncompressed file, so it is better for you anyway -GG
  15. not to hijack the thread, but I have interesting story about how those fountains work. PM me if you wanna hear it. EDIT: fuhgeddit... www.echelon.com/solutions/unique/appstories/WhiteRab.htm I have dealt with the LON technology for some time and this is definitely a flagship installation. Removed direct link
  16. Here's some AZ snow for you and a rear shot of my Jeep
  17. Thanks again, you all. Those Nordic folks... hard to tell with all the blonde hair
  18. Thanks for the warning, Mike. Just as a precaution for those that aren't sure... you can always reply to the sender and ask if they meant to send the suspect message. This is also good for those unexpected emails from friends and coworkers with attachments that are iffy... let the sender know your reason for caution and simply ask them to verify the validity of the email.
  19. Nothing about it is unusual. I checked sorbs and it is only listed because of the type of IP address, which has become more and more pevalent in block lists over the last few years. The one thing that the techs around here could look into is the message ID part... why would our servers not be forming proper message IDs? -GG
  20. Lowest score? Does having him fall off the back or hit the rocks count? I think mine was somewhere around 15ft.
  21. I had been hearing about this through my friends at SMB Nation. I have not yet been able to discern what part of the code was leaked, if it was. I also wonder if MS knows what section(s) of the code are supposedly out there in the wild? This is gonna make my days in the near future MUCH worse lemme tell ya.
  22. Thank you, thank you all. I can only hope to uphold the standard which the others have set and maintained for so long! Thanks, again Bill, for the opportunity. :Rock Sign:
  23. Mainly, you will want to guide folks to the main page. cached pages below that can confuse searchers. Some engines sort based on how many times the term is repeated in the page (or meta tags), while others will pop it up based on the location of the search criteria in the list of meta tags you have. This means that the engine will put you at a higher "hit" for having the word gryfalia first in your list of tags, while it will place a lower hit if Roth is later in the stream of tags. The best bet is to try and optimize for one of the more popular search engines like Google, dogpile or metacrawler. There is typically information, even though it can be cryptic, on how to optimize for their engine located on the company's site. Another good way to position is alt text for your images. Place the search tags there for the engines that look fdor word count in the html body instead of in the meta info in the head of the doc. I have used that several times to bump up sites. The drawback to this is when someone hovers over the image, imagine the blob of text they are going to get I would NOT advise you to subscribe to a search optimizer software or service unless you are running a business and nee to truly be at the top of the search. Good Luck. -GG
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