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  1. My farthest so far is around 409... the key is all in the rocks
  2. 900MHz or slower will make it look choppy, but it is fun. Don't login or sign up for the game unless you want spam along with the other prizes... just press Play as Guest. http://www.splashspot.com/games/throw/login.php -GG
  3. you know... I feel like an idjit at this point. I was sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out what it could have been, but simply could not come up with anything that was simple. I was shooting in the dark looking for hard evidence instead of linking issues. Thanks MG for the answer! <~~~~going to crawl back in his hole in the ground and think about the KISS principle he seems to have forgotten.
  4. That's great... but I think my wife would kill me... I would spend the saved dough on the Jeep (or expect ha;f of it for said cause). And it's Tempe Town Puddle... get it right LOL
  5. Here is a good ? If you reach BW limit, do they shut you down or simply charge you for overages?
  6. Astroworld in Houston is a 6-flags??? Man, they really took a step down then, in my opinion. I think of Great America, Magic Mountain and the like as real Six Falgs locations.
  7. Join and send an invite to me... I am definitely intrigued.
  8. ThumpAZ

    Cinema 4d

    sa'right... not many people have heard of it. It is a stepping stone between photoshop (still 2d, but with perspective abilities) and 3D Studio... the one that makes the movies you see on the big screen... and costs as much as the budget of one. C4D is by Maxon and is a great product for 3d design and rendering. As I said, I have barely scratched the surface of it. But, here is a panther done in the program
  9. That was GRRRRRREAT! I am going to make sure this one lives forever -GG
  10. Oh, I am not against going to NASA at all. I have been to the one in FL before and it was pretty cool. I would love to go see where some of my hard work was put to use (part of the launch pad control system was a project I worked on about 4 years ago). Astroworld is a totally different story. After Disney World and many of the Six Flags parks, it is hard to compare.
  11. That is just too cool! Thanks HG! So fitting, especially since I do have a tattoo of the grim reaper. This is just great! I feel so honored :Rock Sign:
  12. I do like the greatful dead if that is what you are asking... I will get by, I will survive
  13. Say the boat departs at 4PM... what time would you need/want to be there beforehand?
  14. My wife and I are planning on taking a cruise from Galveston TX in October of this year. I, personally, want a cruise that will be fun for both of us, and she is looking at the cruise as a small part of a bigger vacation (Astroworld... yuck, and NASA while in TX). The above is sorta a moot statement... just venting. However, for those of you who have taken cruises in the past, can you walk me through the registration and boarding process, as well as the arrival back at port at the end of the trip? trying to figure out what we should expect. Tahnks!
  15. Well, I think I'm going to spoil the show <evil grin, much like HG's evil luagh> BG posted a statement proclaiming his pride in reaching Distant Family status and told us to note the title he now had. HG replied to him with a rather evil laugh, that was all. However, it seems that BG's title had mysteriously been altered to something none of us was able to comprehend. The Monkey Guru title has been bestowed upon him and, much like a birthmark is something that only plastic surgery could change, and HG is the surgeon. My vote, proclaim your pride when you reach a higher level of family member status and get a title which HG sees fit for you. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=7487
  16. This could be due to your FTP client. try this: Go into FTP and see if you have a directory called "/" if so, go under this directory and see if the pages are there. If they are, rename the directory, change the page locally and upload again. Go to your site and compare the seemingly correct page, then type in the newly renamed directory path and look at the supposed-to-be modified page for the changes. If they do exist, you need to find out which is the correct page (check modified dates of pages you did not change in the alternate directory) and remove the alternates as well as the "/" directory. Good Luck
  17. I have only been here a short time as well. While I had some fun figuring out cPanel at first (was just so used to no control over a site unless it was a dedicated server), everything has gone smoothly for me. Having been with several hosts in the past, TCH is such a refreshing and welcome change. No other host is so friendly, willing to help or honest about what is going on. Case in point: the server status forum... you normally have to find out that you are down or something else and talk to 3 or 4 different techs before you know anything... and even then it was typically just some canned response. I have told everyone I have contact with in my professional and personal life that they should consider changing or starting a hosting acct with TCH. I just like it here that much. :Rock Sign: In my short time, I have become active in the boards, mostly in Off Topic discussions, but also in some of the help areas... trying to help others where possible. Many hosting companies discourage customers from talking to each other and will only provide flagship customers as references. The candid discussions allowed at the TCH forums are a recurring tribute to TCH's standard of keeping happy customers. They have nothing to hide or fear due to the exceptional service, and it shows in the forums. If this person is serious, they should validate their statement with some sort of reason as to why it was not their choice. A bland statement of "it ain't for me" is acceptable, but could definitely use a little explainationfor the masses. If something is wrong here, don't just fire and forget a complaint... see if the company is willing to work with you to right the perceived wrong. This is true for ANY company you deal with. Thanks Bill and TCh for making this a place where you can speak your mind, even if it isn't the popular belief. And thanks to the many TCH clients that are willing to listen to a difference of opinions. And thanks to all for making attempts to offer up assistance or guidance to the truth of the matters posted.
  18. ThumpAZ

    Cinema 4d

    No one knows about C4D??? Aww man. shucks.
  19. If you are not serving it on an uncommon HTTP port, then it is very doubtful that any firewall is blocking him. Can he access other areas of the site without problems? I ask this because script blocking could be a culprit. Also, your own blocking rules could be catching him. Also, can you describe the steps he takes and the screens returned to him. These can be important from time to time. You could try setting up an new UN and PW in a simple manner (all lower case, blah blah blah) and see if that new account/lack of complexity to rule out mistakes does the trick. Even with cut n paste, it could still give issues (say an HTML/Rich Text email message is somehow copying in formatting along with the expected characters). Good Luck -Glenn
  20. just a quick adder... whatever it is, it has its own SMTP engine. I can say this because the "helo" name is the computer name. This will not happen in a standard email that is going through a remotely hosted email server (yours would be a FQDN like this example of an email to me "from 'username' by server54.totalchoicehosting.com with local-bsmtp (Exim 4.24) id 1Aq68w-0004nA-Jp"). So whatever it is, it is on that machine for sure. I tried pinging and a short scan of the IP listed in your header for typical bad guy ports and nothing odd came up (your firewall is working well against amateurs, didn't really hit it hard).
  21. I went to the site at the IP address in the line and it was definitely not a reputable site. After reading around on the web for a bit, it appears that much of the stuff about dcsresearch is not reputable. I haven't looked deeply, but I would assume that there are spoofed copies floating around or something. I did a little more research and nothing else in there is questionable. As for the email issue, do you have ANYTHING else? I see nothing that would do this kind of thing to you. You maybe could grab a copy of SpyBot or something and scan with that. This is a more thorough scan, but it is still mainly for malware and spyware... not virus or trojan activities. If you do the search for dll, exe and other files of the executable type it will narrow your search and give you a better shot at finding the culprit. Typically, you will be able to spot a smoking gun quickly. Try to narrow your search to the day before and day of the questionable email. To be honest, you will typically see a LOT more activity if you have a virus or trojan. You could stoop and ask folks in your address list if they have received any odd messages from you lately, as those are typically the first places for viri and such to get some names from. If you understand how, I can provide you with an ethernet sniffer so you can log everything and see if activity is going on behind the scenes. I will even be nice and tell you how to filter out passwords so you can feel safe sending the log files over for analyzing. Let me know if you want to proceed with advanced diagnostics
  22. ThumpAZ

    Cinema 4d

    I have been using it for some time, but mainly to make floor plans and such into 3D walkthrus and such. If anyone has any good sites they have used it would be most helpful. I can do the basics and have done all the tutorials (really cool 57 Chevy). but I cannot seem to get the grasp of some simpler things. Thanks in advance -Glenn
  23. O1 - Hosts: www.dcsresearch.com this is/can lead to spyware and should be removed Other than that, I really don't see anything too suspicious. I will do some more research, though. -Glenn
  24. Sorry for the slower reply... forgot all about this discussion. I am looking into some items right now, but nothing looks immediately like it could cause the emails you described.
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