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  1. I have used TCH for 5 years for three web sites. A very successfully friend of mine needs a server and wants to know about this issue: He is worried about loosing customer emails because TCH IP is blacklisted as SPAM. Lately I noticed that any email I send to a customer, that email lands in their SPAM filters on Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo... I asked tech support and they just said, its the way of the world... What can be done? Is this issue fixed for longer then 2 weeks? What do I tell my friend?
  2. Can I include a link to my web page in my footer? Currently its a footer for opera browser, but id rather it say: "visit guitar.FM for free @guitar.FM email accounts" Next question is my domain is registered with go daddy, pointed to TCH and email is hosted with Google. So I am not sure who to direct this question to. I often visit news groups with google groups and would like to have a fancy footer but was wondering if this could be Spam. I am often referred to the SPAM policy and nothing about a vanity Email footer. Can I include a link to my web page in my footer
  3. Yes, thanks I did that but wanted to post. Just was looking for someone with more skills then me. Ok, well thanks for your help!
  4. http://www.12string.net is gone. wow, I have no idea what it wrong. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. DNS Outage last night for 90% of the world. As you can see, My ISP is totally broken and I cant see my page. (Although I know its up my friends on IRC can View it) Is there a way to Change my DNS in my Internet settings to a working one? But wow! Microsoft.com and Ebay and Google all reported that the names were not in use and off line. DNS 404 But it’s a DNS Server issue in Guru land? I have no Idea. My pages were gone also. Back now. Any one know what and why and how to fix this issue? I could not use WWW at all for 16 hours. (As
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