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  1. Public_html is the "catch all" for your site. It is where ALL the items which are viewable to the world go. You need to place the FTP section under this area. You need to create users that fall into the "home/tbitayyt/public_html/ftp" folder. This will allow you to have a public FTP server, but still have it locked down to annon or unauthorized access (if you follow the steps above for disabling annonymous users FTP access). Just to expound a little: The way your site is setup, there is not an actual FTP "server" component of it. There is FTP access. This is for you to use when adding content to your site. To make it appear more FTP server-like, you have to create a folder structure under the public_html section and point all FTP users to that area. This allows you to have a separate section of your webspace to host FTP traffic. You still retain the master account access to the root for website building and such, but noe you have added the FTP area and can use that with customers or friends.
  2. I don't know that there is a way to do this on the root (block viewability of files to certain users). You need to create an FTP section on your site (just a few folders for whatever you want to do) and then just assign all users to that area. You can then move things around using a master account that has root access. Create users and add /ftp to the url in the add FTP account screen Users go to ftp.domain.com/ create a folder structure there that looks like /incoming, /downloads, /etc Users will only see those three folders when you log on, though, you will see the whole structure and can move things around as you wish... from FTP area to main site area. This is also more secure for you as folks will not be able to "accidentally" get into something they shouldn't
  3. Going out on a limb here... Please be patient if I reiterate anything OK, first you need to create the account you want and leave only the whack (/) mark in the URL. Open Smart FTP and enter your domain name as "www.domain.com/" (without quote marks) enter username as you@domain.com enter password ExAcTLY as you typed it (case sensitive) enter the port as 21 Make sure that the Annonymous box is unchecked Try that. To kill off the Annonymous user, you need to go into to cPanel and click on Annonymous Setup Uncheck the two boxes there That will disable the annon account
  4. Thanks Rob, forgot about that part
  5. IF you are trying to log in through a web browser, it can get iffy sometimes... I, personally have never been able to log on to FTP on the TCH servers through a web browser. Try using an actual FTP client such as WSFTP_LE or SmartFTP or one of the others out there. There is a link somewhere around here that will get you to the free downloads for those. Ahhh... Here it is: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/ftppage.htm -Glenn
  6. When you use the "Add an account", it will automatically try to fill in the same name you just created behind the URL. This is what creates the folder you are seeing. You need to only have a / mark in the box behind the url below where you enter a name and password. In other words... Add an FTP Account Enter Username Enter Password delete the name it filled in and leave only a / in the box. Create the account and test it out. -GG EDIT: Almost forgot... Welcome to the Family!!!
  7. For information's sake, would you be willing to share what the issue was?
  8. There is no shame or reason to feel bashful about where you registered domain names. Most everyone is just a reseller for someone else, so the money all trickles uphill anyway. What matters most is your home! Obviously we are all hosting with TCH, and that is the important part. -GG
  9. It could also be that his ISP requires him to send through their mail servers. I know that recently I have experienced a lot of instances at customer sites where I can no longer use my own domain name to send outbound mail, but must change to the local mail server's name to send mail. One site even has me change both routes for email (POP and SMTP).
  10. ThumpAZ

    Art Studio

    Did you notice, though, that the table is a cutaway HDD???!!! Saweet. how much for the table?!?!?!
  11. Typical use of wording to lull you into thinking it is legit. Use words that appear to be technical sounding so that the reader gets confused into believing they really should respond. When in doubt, contact the company claiming to have sent the message! Thanks for the heads up Mike -GG EDIT: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=8186 It appears that this is actually the Beagle virus's latest variant according to a user with the latest Norton dat file.
  12. One of the ways I overcome the paranoia, to an extent, is to add in the email a statement telling the recipient(s) what the attached file A. contains, B. is named and C. approx file size. Also, I tell them that if they are curious or nervous, respond to the message or call me to verify that I sent it on purpose. Another way is to make the message seem less generic. Most of the worms out there try to make the message generic enough that it will lull folks into opening it. I know these are only possible steps, but they can make a difference. When dealing with a corporate environment, I like using antivirus tools that allow the admin to place a statement on the emails that shows the message was scanned and found to be clean. But these do us no good in a personal machine environment.
  13. Yeah, there is a check box on the form at the vet now, in AZ, that you can opt to "have your pet chipped today" Not a chance for my inside cat, maybe for an animal that goes outside, though.
  14. Thomas, There is script on that page, though, both in the head and body. In fact, most of the page is script.
  15. It is giving me errors on lines 18 and 96. Area around 18: 16<td valign="top" height=80 17 BGCOLOR="#336633" TEXT="#080000"> 18 <div> 19<!-- Start Gem Insert your own HTML --> Area around 96: 92/*********************************************** 93* Switch Menu script- by Martial B of http://getElementById.com/ 94* Modified by Dynamic Drive for format & NS4/IE4 compatibility 95* Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for full source code 96***********************************************/ 97 One thing I noticed is that if I open it in a new window, then it will load, but it has some missing items, and still throws the errors at me.
  16. I am having a hard time with this one (taking the skeptical view ) notice in the image from a distance with more bills showing... there is a burn mark in the hair of jackson, and no indication of the chip blowing in the eye. Besides... US bills contain a foil strip down one side near the Secretary of the treasury's signature. That would be burning or sparking as well if placed in a microwave. Being left-handed, my logical side just cannot get over the incredulousness of something like this until I see it myself... I wonder if my homeowner's ins will cover my cabinets catching fire from nuking a few twenties... Or if my wife will even let me have a few twenties LOL.
  17. Welcome to the dark side MikeJ LOL I know you will be a great addition to the team!
  18. I cannot find any odd post, you can relax
  19. OMG!!!! it's The Bill-ald (kinda like "The Donald"... Trump)
  20. Hello world... and please say hi to Ninja.
  21. Randy... you know, the dipping stuff that Pap John's tries to pass off on ya.
  22. I only subscribe to the Intro and server status forums EDIT.... I guess I need to sbuscribe to a spelling forum
  23. There is 1/2 of one left over (about .75 lbs) come on over Here's a pic to whet your whistle
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