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  1. I haven't ruled out public accounting. It would be easier for me to get a job in one of the local public accounting firms since I know a couple of people. However, they are looking for long-term commitment. I don't like getting stuck in NJ. I'd like to go somewhere. I eventually want to work as an auditor after I get my Masters, CPA, CIA, etc. I wouldn't consider my income preparation (or even my PC work) experience as a business. Customers treat me out (movie and/or restaurant) as payment. I am doing those just to gain experience and to have fun. Plus, I didn't pay income tax from those activities
  2. Thanks for the input. I moved education to the bottom because I think that my work experience is better. I work for a small business. It's a hands-on position. Plus I don't have anything good to put on my education. My GPA isn't that impressive. I missed cum laude by 0.003 >.> I've also heard from workshops that it's better to leave the Objective and Summary out of the resume. However, I still see people including those and I've read online articles (& sample resumes) saying that it's better to leave them in there. I already went to Career services and had them look it over. Thanks again.
  3. I will receive my Bachelor degree in Accounting this coming August. I am looking for a new job so I can support myself & start paying off debt incurred while in college. I hope to get a job that pays at least $38k+ with free health and dental coverage (retirement plan would be nice too). I haven't applied to any jobs yet. I figure that I'd start on Monday. I know that it's common for people to puff on their resume but the one I have below is a fair presentation of my abilities. I would greatly appreciate it if you can look over my resume and provide suggestions / comments. The resume below is a scannable version. It has no fancy formatting and loaded with info. It's good for companies that scan the resumes into a database and then managers just do a keyword search. Thanks! =================================================== OBJECTIVE: Versatile and focused Bookkeeper / Jr. Accountant with extensive experience in the full Accounting Cycle seeking a Staff Accountant position in a Corporate Accounting Department. SUMMARY: Organized, self-starter, results-driven with proven experience in managing multiple projects under tight budgets and aggressive deadlines. Detail-oriented Bookkeeper / Jr. Accountant with excellent verbal, interpersonal, and leadership skills. WORK HISTORY Bookkeeper / Jr. Accountant, Picture-it Awards, Inc., Edison, NJ September 2002 to Present Organize material for monthly P&L report / analysis. Prepare journal entries. Submit monthly financial statements and sales tax reports to the firm's CPA. Assist the company's CPA in special projects including end of year closing, and income tax preparation. Enter sales data into Excel worksheets for analysis. Reconcile various accounts such as bank, credit card, and shipping. Accounts Receivable -- Responsible for billing, receiving payments, past-due account collections, operating the cash register, preparing daily bank deposits, credit card sales, returns, and settlements. Accounts Payable -- Match and verify bills with purchase orders. Execute check runs. Payroll -- Calculate employee work hours, bonus, commissions, health benefits, and Simple IRA contributions for PayChex, AETNA US Healthcare, and Fidelity Investments. Maintain Human Resource files. Customer Service -- Create job estimates for customers. Process order forms. Answer inquiries by personal interaction, letter, fax, email, and phone. Investigate and resolve vendor / customer account discrepancies. Manage logo royalty dues owed to Rutgers University by issuing checks and quarterly royalty reports to the Rutgers Trademark and Licensing Department. Maintain Petty Cash account. Verify and reimburse employee expenses. Upgrade the firm's existing accounting software to QuickBooks Pro 2003. This enabled a 70% reduction in the average time to generate estimates and invoices for customers. Set up QuickBooks user accounts with different access levels to safeguard company data. Create back-ups of critical files off-site. Reduce company expenses and increase operational efficiency. Provide support in updating the firm's website and online catalog ("shop.Awards1.biz" and "www.MilitaryAwards.com") by code debugging and site testing. Configure the firm's osCommerce site (an automated online shopping cart system utilizing PHP coding and MySQL database). Populate the site with 826 products. Setup the system for easy editing of item information with Excel. Cut the costs of domain name registration and webhosting for more than 87%. Utilize cPanel to manage website. Create and configure email addresses for the customer service and art department. Establish and maintain the firm's online store, PayPal, and eBay accounts which increased sales, inventory turnaround, and customer base. Develop and manage the Google Adwords marketing campaign which increased traffic to the website. Provide support in the online marketing for a new line of military recognition awards by placing the item in eBay and launching a Google Adword campaign. Assist in adjusting the profit margin and developing product pricing. Design a T-shirt Imprint Pricing Guide. The draft was the basis for the brochure that was distributed to more than 150,000 customers. Edit/proofread various company correspondence and forms. Install UPS Worldship. Train employees on the use of UPS Worldship and FedEx Online Ship Manager. This decreased the time spent on generating shipping labels by an average of two minutes per package. Upgrade the credit card terminal to meet merchant account and federal law requirements. Troubleshoot computer system problems. Install and maintain various computer software / hardware such as network printers, ACT, Roland ColorChoice. Purge malware, virii, trojans from desktops. Tutor, Middlesex County College – Tutoring Center, Edison, NJ February 2003 to May 2003 Provided academic support and resource for students in various fields including Accounting, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Supplied additional information gained from work experience and discuss new changes in the Accounting field such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. SKILLS QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree Accounting, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, UPS Worldship, FedEx Online Ship Manager, CuteFTP Pro, osCommerce, Computer Hardware, Internet, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Windows 9x / ME / 2000 / XP, and MS-DOS, Adobe Reader. Fluent in Tagalog. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Technical Consultant and osCommerce Coder for FuzeLicious Morsels Records, and YeahMan Records. Freelance Computer Technician. Build / repair / customize / upgrade Intel PCs. Prepare or review Federal and New Jersey state individual tax returns for 2002 and 2003. EDUCATION Kean University, Union, NJ, August 2004 Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting Major: Accounting Middlesex County College, Edison, NJ, December 2002 Associate Degree in Accounting, Dean's List Major: Accounting / Computer Science
  4. I used to be able to upload .xls files in my old invision forum. But for some reason, I'm not able to do that now. I went thru the forum settings a number of times now and I can't seem to locate that option. TIA
  5. w32beagle.c@mm is a worm. It was on my system too. I suggest going to symantec.com or trendmicro.com & follow their clean up procedure. I followed symantec and it seems that I got rid of it.
  6. Thanks for all the input Thumbs Up Well it looks like that I'll be using james-cpa.com. I also polled other forums & asked several individuals. The results: 16% said that jamescpa.biz is better 6% said that both are bad domain names 78% said .com is better I personally think the 1st one was better. But most people don't even know what's .biz so I took a .com domain name. I think I'll pass on "cpajames." For some reason, accountants like to have the letters after their name. I might look into drjames. If Dr. Dre can be a doctor, then why can't I? Well I still have nothing to put on the site since I'm still working on getting the "CPA" part. I'll be getting my 4yr degree in Accounting next May (finally!). So hopefully I'll be able to take the test before the end of the year. I'll just send a help desk ticket. I have jamescpa.biz registered so I'll ask TCH to change it to james-cpa.com.
  7. you can try using mask forwarding. I'm not sure if it would work though.
  8. I know what you mean. The company that I work for is a .biz (hosted also by TCH ). People oftentimes mistake it as www.domain.biz.com or as www.domain.bz
  9. I own these 2 domain names. I need your input on which one to use. Which is "better" & why is it "better"? Which one would you remember more? jamescpa.biz or james-cpa.com Thanks for voting
  10. godaddy. The firm that I work for has a few at Network $olutions. Needless to say that I'll be taking it to godaddy when the registration expires.
  11. Congratulations! Thumbs Up For me, changing the baby's diaper was not a big deal. The most challenging part was when the baby will keep you up all night. Sleep becomes a thing of the past
  12. TCH's IPO? If so, then I want some of them stocks. I want to get in on the 1st floor. I'm still hitting my head for not buying eBay stock a couple of years back. Btw, the army of darkness is a cool movie. I saw 2 different endings to it
  13. osCommerce is my choice of carts. It does everything that you require (don't ask for payment, decrease inventory, & send the order to the store owner). You can try looking for cgi scripts also. However, I don't think it can keep track of inventory.
  14. I highly recommend LiteOns. As previously stated, they are the best bang for the buck. But some people find it to be a bit noisy. Pioneer is my choice of DVD burners but is a bit more expensive. Sony is also good.
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