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  1. What are the limits of the cPanel filters? Can we enter IP addresses and it will see where the message came from and block it?
  2. With the chat log feature you are talking about, it almost seems as if it can be used as a sort of key logger, but limited to chat programs? Does it log chats even without being turned on?
  3. I agree with you all that is can be a touchy situation when you walk into a meeting that has everyone from the machine techs to the CIO and you layout where and what you were able to get in to and how you did it. However, by the end of the meeting it does make you feel a little better when you have made it out that you were not there to get anyone in to any trouble, but were there to help. I have not personally seen where the ramifications of my actions have caused the loss of a job. It very could have happened a few times (some admins get very nervous/reactive when confronted with this information), and in some case probably should have. One of the things I make a point of doing when I go in to these meetings is to lay it out in laymen's tems so it does not paint the picture of ineffective people at the controls, but that there are always ways to improve a system. Typically, it turns out that I am able to make new friends that will email me later and discuss other intrusion attempts they have seen now that they know what to look for. they develop a new respect for the "other side" and that respect makes them more cautious. It is also a great way to get money out of the execs to improve security measures, especially when the admins can prove where they requested something but were never given funds to do/buy it. There have been systems that I and a few friends have not been able to get in to. We are always logging everything and taking screen caps and such. This type of failed attempt typically will show up in the admins logs and they will be investigating it already (maybe even letting the person who hired me know of the attempts). This is how I prove that I was trying and the system was well protected. I agree, the term Ethical Hacking can rub the wrong way, but that is what it is. Security Consultant is a title given so as not to offend anyone. Just an FYI... I don't do it "for fun" on anyone, so you can all relax.
  4. And that is why I do it for companies and other organizations on a contract basis. I agree with you that intrusions without that approval is not right. It is kinda funny sometimes, though. Typically it will be a CIO or MIS that is hiring you, and they won't tell the net admins. You can almost watch them tracking you if you get discovered in the system. If that happens, though, I consider it a fail on the aspect of being "seen" There are times, though, that I have gotten in so easily that I was shocked, and somewhat appalled that they are paying folks to operate their network.
  5. I happen to be a memeber of the League of Ethical Hackers and can honestly say that I ONLY do contract work. A lot of the folks perform hacks on an unknown and then report to the sysadmins (if reachable). Have any of you ever heard of this type of activity? What do you think about those that perform the same functions as the teenie boppers that figured out sniffers but do it for good? Discuss? Thumbs Up
  6. I use MSN and ICQ for work purposes, and Y! and (infrequently) AIM. I think I might have to give Trilian a try. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Seeing as how my site was named for my cat, those hit a good spot in me. Thanks for the chuckles This, though, was my favorite...
  8. Lianna, you can have my fair share of snow. I don't think I will be needing (or really wanting it) here in AZ. And my mommy said I wasn't that good at sharing?
  9. Thank you very much I was being playful, but it is hard to hear vocal inflection in written word, huh? Must be that dry sense of humor all of us 'puter eeks have (I'm not a geek, but you would say 'eek' if you ever saw me:) ) EDIT: Oh yeah, almost forgot I :heart TCH Rock Sign
  10. Well we all know what HG does all day... posts test posts in OD and play Internet games.
  11. or just the unwanted step child I was going to subscribe, as a precaution I hope to never need worry about, but it doesn't exist. Get to it folks, I know it's easy to set up
  12. Aw Jeez, why did ya have to go and put pics up of the server farms in the data centers? Brought teasrs to my eyes from when I used to do some contract work for AOL and AT&T in data centers out this way. I love 65 degF and 22% Humidity as the CRAC unit is blowing like crazy mixed with the smell of battery racks and the faint hint of diesel fuel in every room outside the actual server room. Make me wish for those days again. Gotta say, though, that Atlanta site makes me a little nervous. I had better looking racks in the storage room of a building. Thanks for the memories
  13. This is what some of Microshaft's things make me want to do...
  14. Seems that they will show up until I clear out my Internet cache on my local machine. Might be a good enough excuse to get my wife to lemme buy a new machine
  15. Here is a pic of my Jeep from several years ago, but it looks basically the same... for now (Chevy 1-ton truck axles going in soon)
  16. Yeah, almost 70 degrees and sunny is definitely VERY nice. I stayed home today just because of the weather... and to work on my Jeep for a magazine run this weekend (Four Wheel and Off Road is going to be taking pics of a run this weekend that I have been invited to... I might make it into the magazine )
  17. Car...er...Server 54, where are you? To easy to resist BWAHAHAHHAAA
  18. I have noticed that sometimes when I access my site (uselessfurball.com) that the images show OK, then other times they don't. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen in all of the sites I have done. I am thinking it may be something to do with the fact that I have set no_index on all of the folders except pub_htm and images, but I'm just not sure. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  19. Hey, I am a member of several web boards. Most of them are specific to an interest. Since this is noteven close to a particular interest (other than websites) I was wondering what folks are in to? I'll start... I am in to Off-Highway Vehicles and Extreme Rock Crawling (www.rockcrawler.org). While many cringe at the thought, I have to add that I am also very active in Land Use rights and Stewardship (treating the land right and teaching others the same). Find more info on good stewardship at www.treadlightly.org I have an '84 Jeep CJ-7 that is highly modified for safety and ability, and is quickly becoming more Chevy than Jeep. I also have a 2003 Nissan 350Z and am in the process of making this a true street sleeper (looks stock, but packs a MEAN whallop, for those that don't know) for the track with many engine and drivetrain modifications that will push the stock 287 HP at the crank up to around 450 HP at the rear wheels. Supercharger, headers, exhaust, injectors, program, and ignition will get me there and then some.
  20. Thanks for the warm wishes and welcomes. I have done several sites in the past (mostly business sites) and have always had the local server to play on first. This time, though, it's personal. The way i am developing the site, there are links the _somewhat_ require the site name to hide the location. That is why is got a little frustrating. But not any frustration with you guys at all. I was just playin around and bored
  21. Don't you hate waiting for your new domain to propagate? This is my first site with total Choice. I was referred here by one of their suppliers, who happens to be a good friend. From the looks of thing, I don't think I have to worry about straining that friendship. If I start babbling, it's because I don't have a site to test with right now grrr
  22. ThumpAZ


    ... auditory system. Can't you hear your wife yelling at you to get to bed???
  23. ThumpAZ


    I just know I'm gonna fail this one... I have to answer "42"
  24. Screams of some sort of malware to me as well. Not sure about a virus, but defintely spam to the Nth degree. Quite possibly SPAM from a browser hijacker. I have a tst machine here that I could run that IP addy for ya... send me a PM or something. Update: Through PMs I was able to determine for him that this and another suspect message were both SPAM. One seems to have a redirect in there somewhere that took me to a common link that then redirects the victim to the dreaded lop.com site. Mad!!! WHATEVER YOU DO... DO NOT GO TO LOP.COM. You will spend HOURS getting rid of that hijacker! Mad!!! Mad!!!
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