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  1. The cpanel name is not changeable...other posts have indicated that this is for security purposes. see this posted on the TCH Forum Policies http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...p?showtopic=976 youneverknow
  2. You can get free news server access at http://teranews.com their sign up fee is $3.95 US (one time processing fee) and they will let you post to groups also. They have all the groups and their only limit is 50mb downloaded per day. youneverknow
  3. this is the beagle k virus. Disquised as stated above...it's quite convincing to open this attachment because it looks legitimate youneverknow
  4. Saw this on the web...new $20 bills contain rfid chips in Jackson's eye. They explode when microwaved....here is the article http://www.prisonplanet.com/022904rfidtagsexplode.html youneverknow
  5. Congratulations!!! :hug: Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
  6. My guess...a new TCH web site... redone with all the navigational problems resolved...just a thought...
  7. Ouch...that Ford Ranger certainly ate the big one... youneverknow
  8. I'm glad Roxy is home but where did Kiezer go? youneverknow
  9. Darla replaced our other dog Rebel when he passed away in Nov 2003...Darla was rescued from the King County (Seattle Washington) Humane Society> She was adopted on Dec 7th at 8 weeks old. She is now graduating from puppy kindergarden this coming Tuesday. Darla loves to ride in the car and the dog parks here in Seattle are a fun way for her to socialize with other dogs and people. Although Darla is primarily an indoor dog...she loves to spend hours in the backyard chasing squirrles and birds. [
  10. I came across this url that graphicaly shows your web site linkage to others. Enter in" totalchoicehosting.com" and you will see a graphic display of links...click on the info button and go directly to that site!!! I think this is really cool. Try other url's and see who links to whom at google. http://www.touchgraph.com/TGGoogleBrowser.html youneverknow
  11. Would you want to be sitting in his chair? I hope those towers are bolted to something youneverknow... (from the TCH page at this url: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/contact-web-host.html Hot update!!! could that be the head guru in that photo
  12. What really pulls my chain is the telephone support for Qwest DSL. After going throgh the phone que of entering my phone # then pushing the right options I got a busy signal!!! I tried again and kept getting the message "your call is important to us please continue to wait on the line for the next availible tech..." Then on hold for over 1 hour...if the call was important to them why not put on more techs? I had to go through their merry go round for 4 calls and 2 defective modems....all this just to get online.
  13. Jim...I like the layouts, colors and especially the way they load so fast on my 56k dial up modem. (Of course, hosted by TCH helps alot!) I also went to the fishing site...that too is well done. Overall 2 Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up youneverknow PS: where did you kick yourself? That could be painful
  14. I"M just guessing here but I think Drew knows the prices and is asking how many web pages can you host and how much traffic you can get to not exceed the 300mb limit. This is a hard question to answer...is say a 15 page web site with an average of say 150k each page and X number of people visit what would that number be?. That also does not factor in emails, ftp and other factors. It would be cool to see a chart or something that shows just how far 300mb goes. Is there a formula or worksheet to configure this? :Nerd: youneverknow
  15. Got this in my email today saying: "Thank you for requesting the Microsoft Security Poster series. Due to unexpectedly high demand, each household will receive 15 posters so that we may accommodate as many requests as possible. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience." youneverknow
  16. Hey Big Gorilla...what took you so long to answer the question?
  17. If I have a problem that can't be solved by email, how do I talk to a real person by phone? You Ask...well you can't...but then by not having techs answering phone calls 24/7... TCH can offer web hosting at an very low price. All my contacts with TCH have been handeld in under an hour and their server monitoring is TOPS! All outages are discussed openly and honestly and repaired FAST! I was a little apprehensive when I first joined TCH 6 months ago because I too thought a live person on the phone was the best way to communicate. I was turned around on that thought when TCH responds so quickly. Usually faster than being on hold for half hour or more. youneverknow Rock Sign
  18. Web beacons are being used by Yahoo. Here is a discussion on that topic and a link to just where you can opt-out of Yahoo's tracking ability. http://freewarearena.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?t=383 Some interesting observations from the freeware arena... youneverknow
  19. Microsoft is offering a free CD for fixing a lot of their secuity problems in their OS. Here is the link to MS for the free disk http://www.microsoft.com/security/protect/cd/order.asp youneverknow
  20. I like the idea of commercial free... so I vote for the Sirius system
  21. Why develop ulcers..strokes or hypertention over you web sites being down? I used to monitor my site 24/7 and learned that if the site was down for say 15 minutes on Wednesday at 2:35 AM there was really NOTHING I could do. I know since being with TCH that they are on top of any problem that come up and the head guru is right there on top of the situation. Do you really want to pay money to keep you awake at night if your site is down for 7 minutes? I welcome coments... youneverknow
  22. Here is a simple one but the catch is your computer needs to stay on 24/7 and a always on connection like dsl or cable...here is the url to the FREE monitor. http://www.play-free-games.com/free-softwa...r/monitor.shtml PS the problem with doing it this way is that you really should run two of these apps at once...one as a control to say yahoo.com and the other to your site. This program will show a web site down but in reality your internet connection is broken or out of service.
  23. Here is one thing that bugs me...if you go to pages like the server stats http://www.tchstatus.com/monitoring/status.html there is no navigation button to the TCH home page or any other navigational links. I like to see the nav buttons always in the same postion and color schemes...This is annoying to me. youneverknow
  24. I got my password from a PM to TCH MIKE...look for one of his posts and there is a button marked PM...he will email the password to you.
  25. Love the site...but if you could change the http://www.fotolog.net/squaremeals page to reflect your black and white theme on this page as well. just my 2cents
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