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  1. Vangrieg -- Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I may have to leave TCH after 3+ very happy years because of this not being supported. smgcircle
  2. Does the IMAP service at TotalChoiceHosting support the idle command? Thanks!
  3. "I guess only time will tell" is the very last line to one of my favorite Harry Chapin songs, "Sequel". The last verse goes "With half the time thinking of what might have been, And half thinking just as well. I guess only time will tell..."
  4. Mike -- Would you mind telling me how you do your monitoring? Thanks! Steve
  5. Bill -- I would definitely be interested, but I would need to have the check run every 5 minutes. And I would be willing to pay a bit more than $1 a month for this increased frequency! If you need any test users, I'm ready, willing, and able! Steve
  6. Is anyone using a service to monitor if their Web site is up, and to send an SMS message if there is a problem. I know that TCH monitors everythiing, but I would like to be notified in real time iif the Web site or SMTP or whatever is not available. Thanks for your help! Steve
  7. Is this still running on server5? I've been having email problems all day! == Steve ==
  8. Lianna -- Thanks for the instructions! == Steve ==
  9. For those of us who are technically challenged in this area , how do I use this script? Step by step directions would be most appreciated. As always, thanks to everyone for your help! == Steve ==
  10. Lianna -- Thanks for the info. I've submitted a help desk ticket to get this set up. == Steve ==
  11. Lianna -- Any news? == Steve ==
  12. Lianna -- Tomorrow afternoon would be fine. Thanks so much for your help. == Steve ==
  13. Lianna or Bill -- Any update on this? == Steve ==
  14. Bill -- I understand some of the basics of DNS. Could you explain what "private" DNS is? Do I want it? Do I need it? Thanks! == Steve ==
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