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  1. I too am a customer... the control panel is included in all packages...there you can create unlimited number of email addresses for you and each member of the family. It would be: name@yourdomin.com. This forum is a great place to get any help that may not be covered in the tutorials. This is a FIRST CLASS hosting company that cares about their customers. The service here is great. Welcome! PS: There is a Dreamweaver area in this forum for any of your Dreamwever questions youneverknow
  2. tch Mike ...YES that is exactly what I saw...How come??
  3. I just noticed if you click the "How to Order" link is a dead link
  4. Really Weird...Now it looks OK...I wonder what happened???? Iwish I had a screen shot to show you youneverknow
  5. Interesting site. However I notice that wherever you use some sort of punctuation that instead of the desired punctuation it is displayed as a question mark. This is seen using the FIrefox browser....Maybe someone that uses IE can see if it is different. youneverknow
  6. I just tried navigating TCH's site at 8:20 AM PDT and WOW was it ever FAST. Pages loaded without the usual slight hesitation there was before. Congratulations youneverknow
  7. I have the Mavica CD1000 and it is now going on three years. Its a 2.1 megapixel and I too have noticed an overall loss of color. I get the vivid colors only in direct sunlight and I have made a permanent setting to add a .02 increase in the overall exposure and that seems to help a little. I think most of the color information is there but needs to be enhanced now in a jpg editor of some sort. I wonder if all digital cameras loose some image qualities over the years? Are the CCDs loosing their sensitivity over time? Is this only a SONY problem? youneverknow
  8. I have a couple of email accounts set up in Outlook Express that I access through my pop3. When my DSL is down and I switch to my dial up modem I find that I can not retrieve my mail. Is this something I can fix or is this why there is web mail?
  9. I have heard people using Lyris are happy...up to 1 million emails per hour! (EPH) http://www.lyris.com youneverknow
  10. Here is a FREE and simple one ... http://www.sofotex.com/Simple-MP3-Maker-download_L4564.html youneverknow
  11. GoDaddy is cheap and reliable but you will need to contact your current registrar to let them release the domain name you have. You can't have 2 active registrars as far as I know. youneverknow
  12. I am using Fire Fox and Outlook Express for email . I do this because I have 3 HOTMAIL accounts and OutlookExpress makes it easier to get 3 Hotmail accounts simultaneously than going through 3 sign ins on the MS passport "Feature"...But the filtering is non existant on the Outlook Features. Anyway would Thunderbird be able to be set up to check the 3 free Hotmail acounts I have? And give me filtering??? youneverknow
  13. My Firefox would crash if I tried to view a movie or clip and it required Windows Media Player. There is a fix for it on the FF web site. The Flash Player had to be downloaded separately but other than that it seems solid and faster rendering the pages. youneverknow
  14. Just make mysite.net dns servers point to TCH and submit a help ticket that you want it set up this way. I have done this for a couple of dot coms and I'm pretty sure a dot net would be handeld the same. PS: there is no charge to do this.
  15. The down time is kept to a minimum partly because TCH uses HUGE data centers around the country staffed by 24/7 personel and from what I have seen here a good supply of parts to fix a bad drive or what ever. Also by using data centers to physically house the TCH servers you are hooked up to the FASTEST pipelines available to hosting companies.(These servers are not in someones bedroom trying to be a hosting company) I am not a techie but I do know that my sites come up fast. youneverknow
  16. renelar...I am just a customer of TCH and have 2 sites hosted here since September 2003. The service here is VERY GOOD and down time is almost non-existant. The equipment TCH uses is probably overkill for most hosting companies (usually dual xeon proceessors and tons of ram. TCH is Very commited to keeping thing running smoothly and hence their zero tolerance for customer that abuses their hosting. When you pay only $4 per month you got to say "whats wrong with this picture???" Well you will be pleasantly surprised that your $4 per month is just as important to TCH as someone hosting 1000 sites. The information on down times is just about always listed here in this forum. In fact you can even subscribe to the server number you are on and get an email of any scheduled down time... now that's cool... Try it out for 30 days and if you are not happy, they do chearfully return your money! youneverknow
  17. Don't get me wrong but... Why is this post not being answered by the Head Guru or other TCH employees? Just curious...normally they are here explaining what happened and have a fix for it. Anyway, if it happened once it could happen again... youneverknow
  18. Hi Wilexa... here are some quick thoughts on your site(by the way I am downloading a show right now!)... 1. I used Mozilla Firefox version.0.8) I think this is the new release 2. Font siz was big but it filled your pages nicely...not much scrolling needed 3. Color blend well together. the brown and tan theme works well 4. No
  19. Thanks Madmanmcp...that article certainly goes into depth ....I understand it alot better now thanks to your link!! youneverknow
  20. Wow! I read this article about how the internet structure could be overcome by hackers utilizing a newly found exploit in the way the internet is structured...an interesting read....you neverknow Internet Technology Vulnerable to Hackers Email this Story Apr 20, 4:24 PM (ET) By TED BRIDIS WASHINGTON (AP) - Researchers uncovered a serious flaw in the underlying technology for nearly all Internet traffic, a discovery that led to an urgent and secretive international effort to prevent global disruptions of Web surfing, e-mails and instant messages. The British government announced the vulnerability in core Internet technology on Tuesday. Left unaddressed, experts said, it could allow hackers to knock computers offline and broadly disrupt vital traffic-directing devices, called routers, that coordinate the flow of data among distant groups of computers. "Exploitation of this vulnerability could have affected the glue that holds the Internet together," said Roger Cumming, director for England's National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre. The Homeland Security Department issued its own cyberalert hours later that attacks "could affect a large segment of the Internet community." It said normal Internet operations probably would resume after such attacks stopped. The risk was similar to Internet users "running naked through the jungle, which didn't matter until somebody released some tigers," said Paul Vixie of the Internet Systems Consortium Inc. "It's a significant risk," Vixie said. "The larger Internet providers are jumping on this big time. It's really important this just gets fixed before the bad guys start exploiting it for fun and recognition." The flaw affecting the Internet's "transmission control protocol," or TCP, was discovered late last year by a computer researcher in Milwaukee. Paul Watson said he identified a method to reliably trick personal computers and routers into shutting down electronic conversations by resetting the machines remotely. Routers continually exchange important updates about the most efficient traffic routes between large networks. Continued successful attacks against routers can cause them to go into a standby mode, known as "dampening," that can persist for hours. Experts previously said such attacks could take between four years and 142 years to succeed because they require guessing a rotating number from roughly 4 billion possible combinations. Watson said he can guess the proper number with as few as four attempts, which can be accomplished within seconds. Already in recent weeks, some U.S. government agencies and companies operating the most important digital pipelines have fortified their own vulnerable systems because of early warnings communicated by some security organizations. The White House has expressed concerns especially about risks to crucial Internet routers because attacks against them could profoundly disrupt online traffic. "Any flaw to a fundamental protocol would raise significant concern and require significant attention by the folks who run the major infrastructures of the Internet," said Amit Yoran, the government's cybersecurity chief. The flaw has dominated discussions since last week among experts in security circles. The public announcement coincides with a presentation Watson expects to make Thursday at an Internet security conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Watson said he would disclose full details of his research. Watson predicted that hackers would understand how to begin launching attacks "within five minutes of walking out of that meeting."
  21. Grammaat46... Try going to here http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-family.html and check out the real sites hosted here by TCH...You will see that they are fast . I have had other hosts and none have been faster or more reliable than TCH servers! youneverknow
  22. Very nice site!!! That banner of the dragon is TOPS!!! Love the choice of colors too. youneverknow PS went to your test site and I reallly miss the dragon
  23. Try this link. http://www.gatepost.com/domainwhitepages.php
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