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  1. Well I've been doing it for over 40 years and now someone has finaly come up with the ultimate solution...and here it is... Formula for the Perfect Parallel Park By Discoverychannel.ca Staff, May 7, 2003 Got a slide rule in your glove box? It may be just what you need to finally master the art of parallel parking. Or, if math isn't your strong suit, you might have to rely on old-fashioned judgment and estimation. Whether you know it or not, getting your vehicle between two others and neatly next to the curb involves a complicated set of calculations. And Rebecca Hoyle, Lecturer of Mathematics, at the University of Surrey has laid them all out. Here's the magic formula (with definitions for variables at the bottom of the page): Start with three initial formulas P = r - w/2 G ≥ w + 2r + b F ≤ w + 2r - fg For the perfect park, those formulas must satisfy the following relationship: Max ((r + w/2)2 + f2, (r + w/2)2 + b2) ≤ min (4r2, (r + w/2 + k)2) Definitions: Position (P) = Where to set up for the parallel park Gap (G) = Determines if parking gap is large enough Front of car (F) = Determines where front of car should go r = turning radius of your car w = width of your car b = distance from back of car to point midway between axles fg = gap you want left at the end k = distance from curb where you end up youneverknow
  2. I like it alot...the black and white hints a bit of mystery to me...I would click to go in... youneverknow
  3. For all you folks out there that get your "Nails Done" here is the latest invention your nailier my have in the salon soon...what next? A printer to do your teeth? Link: http://imaginail.com/ConTheExper.asp youneverknow
  4. My 09 version is stable so I am pondering whether I should switch... I can see several releases coming out before the final 1.0 is finnished...I'm not sure I want to "upgrade" every few weeks or so... if I'm fairly satisfied with .09 but... youneverknow
  5. I read this on their site....bummer... Installing Firefox Once you have downloaded a Firefox installer or compressed archive, follow these instructions to install: First, for these preview releases it is strongly recommended that you uninstall any previous version of Firefox first. Installing over the top of an older version may cause unpredictable problems. If you install over the top of an older version and want to file bugs, please do a clean install into a fresh directory before doing so. youneverknow
  7. Here is a clever way to submit an email address when signing up for things on the web. Mailinator will let you recieve one email on their site so when you sign up for things you know you won't get spammed for giving a real account. Pretty cool I think Link: http://www.mailinator.net/mailinator/Welcome.do youneverknow
  8. I also hear that they want the patent on 1's and 0's youneverknow
  9. Could it be that your visitors are seeing the cached version from their browser? Did you try clearing the cache? Just a thought youneverknow
  10. I LOVE Cookies...chocolate chip and shortbreads are my favorite!!! Yum Yum Yum... youneverknow
  11. I do see that SP2 CAN be uninstalled through the control panel...which is good if things go bad youneverknow
  12. Microsoft is allowing the public to download the new sp2. IMHO I will wait awhile before installing this baby... link to download: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...sp2preview.mspx youneverknow
  13. Here is the article: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...ttwonewfeatures First, the Mountain View search engine announced Friday a "site-flavored" Google search. It delivers results customized to reflect the content of a given Web site. The second feature does not allow the personalized results offered by the site-flavored search. However, Web-site operators can use both features if they download two different search boxes, according to Susan Wojcicki, Google's director of product management. Both features aim to do the same thing -- give incentives to Web-site publishers to funnel traffic to Google. And by doing so, Google can make more money -- and users get easier searches.
  14. The first private space flight will take place this week...really cool. Here is the article's link and a photo of the NEW ship http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/aps...rivate%20Rocket youneverknow
  15. Hackers unleash mobile phones virus By David Harding, Evening Standard 17 June 2004 The world's first computer virus to be spread by mobile phones has been unleashed. The worm, known as Cabir, is spread via wireless Bluetooth technology and makes the word 'caribe' appear on the phone screen. At present the virus, thought to be the work of international hacker group 29A, is not 'in the wild' and has been sent only to anti-virus companies to show the weakness in their technology. here is the link to the full story: http://www.thisislondon.com/news/articles/...02?source=Metro youneverknow
  16. It's now 1:33 PM pacific daylight time here in Seattle Washington youneverknow
  17. Came across this today and I said to myself what next? I am talking about the new swingless golf club that uses a powder charge to hurl your ball up to 200 yards. Now all the non talented golfers can shoot their way to the cup. ...at $795.00 I wonder how many will buy this? You also need to buy the explosive charges. link: http://swinglessgolf.com/ youneverknow
  18. I loaded it 2 days ago and yesterday it crashed!!! When I tried to launch it would not run!!! I did a clean install of win xp and loaded all the apps (6 hours of work). I have it installed on the clean system ....by the way I started having problems when doing a search on these forums... youneverknow Check out the Firefox forums of all the problems occuring: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=86195
  19. I don't work for TCH but from other posts here in the forums TCH is SLOWLY getting around to upgrading all customers to the new increased size....I don't know if they have started yet but that was their promise. youneverknow
  20. Yes Firefox ROCKS...With all the security problems with MS IE, it is a wonder that anyone would want to use IE ...Take Notice Bill G... you are losing customers as better software is replacing your buggy stuff... youneverknow Here is the link for the download http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/
  21. Yes you REALLY should make that change!!! youneverknow
  22. Both come up fine in the Beautifull Northwestern United States (Seattle) youneverknow
  23. I don't know how many of you out there know about the new coca-cola contest. They are using GPS technology to win a prize. As I understand the rules...there will be 100 special cans with GPS locating technology distributed randomly in the next millions or so "frige packs" sold in the US. If you get one of these lucky (and rare) cans... you are suppose to push the locate button on the can and you may win upto some new vehicle of some sort (maybe worth upto $40,000). or so My questions to you is do you think that maybe an un-activated can may be worth in say 10 years to a coca-cola collector more than the current top prize is? There are lots of collectors out there who would pay 6 figures to have one of these babies in their collection. In a virgin conditon (I am assuming that to collect the prize, you must forefit the can to collect the prize) Don't you think that such a rare can could be worth thousands more by holding onto it than playing their contest? youneverknow link to the contest: http://www.unexpectedsummer.com/index_flash.html
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