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  1. Santolina


  2. Santolina


    This is wonderful news, Rob and Mike! Congratulations ! -- Santolina
  3. Santolina

    New Lead Moderator

    Congrats, Bruce! -- Santolina
  4. Santolina

    Cleaning Poem

    My hiney's cold, or so it seems.. From sitting here all night I'd best get up and stretch abit Before turning off the light... I hied to bed and tried to sleep But Z's eluded me... Why won't IE load that TCH pic? Maybe because it's free? Yeah I know, Raul, I know So is Firefox Some secure and oh, so fast It surely seems to rock! Ok, stop thinking of that box And concentrate on sleep... Dream of Curtis's messy house And fluffy flocks of sheep.... OMG! The sheep do nibble On Curtis's naked feet... They BAAAAA at him to clean his digs To change his ways-be neat! I really like this crazy dream So thanks 'Curt', for the idee. When I awake I'll clean *my* house And delete that pesky IE! -- Santolina
  5. Santolina

    Opera Browser

    OK, I'll try Maxthon next Opera, the free version, seems as fast as Firefox but has too many features for me. I also could not get it to load Totalchoice's front page correctly. The top banner pop-ups were not available and the Links at the top right of the page were missing. Heck, for some reason IE will not load any of that. -- Santolina
  6. Santolina

    Opera Browser

    Hi-Haven't used Opera, but have been meaning to try. Thanks for the reminder -- Santolina
  7. Santolina

    Word Game!

    Sculpture ------------------- Santolina
  8. Santolina

    Word Game!

    Planet -------------- Santolina
  9. Santolina

    I Give Up On Blogging - Lol!

    Hi Weezy-I played around with blogging for a week or two as I wanted to try the Picasa and Hello free software from Google. Through Hello, I found Blogspot. All three are pretty easy to use, and I especially liked the ease of which Hello sent pictures to my blog at Blogspot. At the time, the folks there did not set a limit on how many pictures you could post on the blog-they were testing their servers, they said, so I just kept posting I took the blog down as it pretty much mimicked what I do on my web site, but I did learn a bunch in the process and it's fun! Here are the 3 addys: http://www.hello.com/index.php http://www.picasa.com/picasa/ http://www.blogger.com/start ---------------------- Santolina
  10. Santolina

    Word Game!

    Belly ---------------- Santolina
  11. Santolina

    New Site!

    On the entry page, I LOVE the way that guy standing on the globe lights up when accessing the drop-UP menus! Gawd, I wish I was a techie! --------------- Santolina PS:that'll never happen
  12. Santolina

    Word Game!

    game ----------------- Santolina
  13. Santolina

    Word Game!

    horseshoes ---------------- Santolina
  14. Santolina

    Word Game!

    myself -- Santolina
  15. Santolina

    Time To Fix The Time Weekend

    Thanks for the link and the reminder, Thomas , not that I particularly like it to be dark at 5PM and dark at 7AM. But what the heck, in just 2 more months the days will be getting longer again! -- Santolina