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  1. I check my aw stats once or twice a month and this is the first time it's ever said I had no visits in the last 6 days. Looking into it, I see that the info was last "updated" on 12/24. It's always been updated before. Anything I need to do?
  2. Thanks Bruce and Robert. I just checked my cgi-bin folder and there doesn't seem to be anything in it - so I guess I'm fine. So much to learn!
  3. I've had my site up for about three months and follow the statistics from time to time through cpanel. Recently, in addition to all the pages I recognize (my index.html, contacts.html, etc.) I've been getting visits to /cgi-sys/formmail.pl (four viewers entered and exited there?) What is it? Thanks.
  4. This image is a 5 minute exposure with my pinhole camera. The screen looks funny because, while I had it on TCH, my screen saver also came on (during the 5 minutes!). I also have pinhole pictures on my site, www.nancybreslin.com.
  5. This site has tons of great information, but I find it hard to find what I'm looking for. Easier navigation would be a plus.
  6. Thanks to all for your comments. My font should be the same throughout (no instructions otherwise) and it looks that way on my browser. I'm curious to how it appeared to jikrantz. Thanks to Scott for all the suggestions. Aye aye cap'n!
  7. 1. Nancy A. Breslin Fine Art Photography 2. Nancy A. Breslin Fine Art Photography 3. This site features black and white photographs of amusement parks, Paris, and images of meals taken with a pinhole camera. The link to TCH is on the contact page. I would appreciate suggestions about rank placement. Cheers!
  8. I'm sold! and I just signed up, so in "6-24 hours" I'll be part of the family. Thanks for making that change. TCH "deleting" my stuff sounds much better than TCH "owning" it. I have a sterling credit rating, so I didn't worry about the clause going into effect, but I used to work for a lawyer so I always take small print seriously. Thanks for responding so terrifically!
  9. I have only one reservation before signing up for Totalchoice, and that is a clause in the hosting agreement which reads... "In addition, your failure to fully pay any fees and taxes within five (5) days after the applicable due date will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement, and TotalChoice Hosting may, ...(ii) take possession and ownership of any of your property (including any and all intellectual property) in TotalChoice Hosting's possession at the time of such nonpayment ... You agree to sign any documents to facilitate such a transfer..." That is like agreeing that
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