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  1. i generally wouldn't use Windows Media Files b/c of their need for specialized streaming servers, etc., but i've got a few files i would like to put up on my server but don't have the originals of... thus, they have to be .wma. any way to just serve up the file without a streaming server, much like with quicktime or mpg, etc? these are files which I produced as part of a RollingStone audio program. thanks, z chicago, il
  2. hey Leezard, this ad trafficking system you found was great! seems like an open source app would be a great and marketable addition to Total Choice. until then, i will be installing it for my own site(s). can you think of anything i need to do in particular to make the install work with a Total Choice linux server. seems like the MySQL and Cron job functionality should cover it but there could be something else i didn't notice. i'll wait a few days to see if you respond and then i'll install it. thanks again, z/creativeslant chicago, il
  3. thanks for replying folks... i was wondering what was going on... wish they could get this to work easily out of the box. leezard, i will most definitely take a look at the banner script you mentioned. thanks again, z/creativeslant chicago, il
  4. just posting again to bring this to the top again. no one had a single reason and/or solution to my problem?! help if you can. be annoyed with me if you can't... creativeslant chicago, il
  5. come to think of it, i'm not even seeing the line of code: ><!--#exec cmd="cgi-bin/entropybanner.cgi"--> at all in my document even though i placed it between two breaks at the very end of the document. what gives? c/ chicago, il
  6. so i put the standard ><!--#exec cmd="cgi-bin/entropybanner.cgi"--> in part of my subdomain index page heret: My Webpage is there no way to get the entropy banners to work with this? i don't want banners on the main portion of the site(still in dev) but do on this, what will be my personal portfolio. c/ chicago, il
  7. well, this phpmychat thing seems cool, but sadly it isn't compatible with Safari or mozilla from what i can tell... too bad. guess i'll keep the java(sloooooooooooow) chat around for now. z chicago, il
  8. thanks for that additional info, i hadn't checked the boards in a couple of days. z
  9. nice. thanks for the info. i'll take a look at squirrel mail and horde b/c i certainly think it would be nice to embed the webmail experience. z chicago, il
  10. nice. thanks so much for the reply. easy as changing the file to .shtml, huh? crazy. guess i'll check out the phpMyChat. i did think the others were a bit sloooooooow. thanks for the tips. z chicago, il
  11. it's great that both neomail and horde are offered, but i would like to use only neomail. is there a way i can set this as a default so that my webmail users don't have to continually select neomail when they access webmail?
  12. i've got two questions for people: number 1 - which chat client would people recommend using from the cpanel? there's the html, java and phpmychat. i don't believe there will be high volume here, but certainly want this available on my site. number 2 - could someone explain exactly how to use the entropy banner functionality in cpanel? i've got an image loaded and then dropped that line of code in my index file but it was a no go. nothing appeared and no errors occurred. is there a step by step guide to this process? much thanks to whoever can help... z chicago, il
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