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  1. I generally use WS-FTP, been using it for years and I guess I'm just used to it. I just tried to install the above mentioned "ACEFTP"--but evidently it does not play well with my system--got it installed, but whenever I try to run it, XP just tells me it experienced an error and must be shutdown. Free or not, I'm not gonna fight with software just to make it work on my PC, so back to the old standby I go.....
  2. Well, I think web rings have their place, but I don't think they belong on any sort of commercial site (the whole compteitor thing is a very good point) I've usually seen them on automotive sites (my biggest vice) in order to take you to even more enthusiast sites--and in my opinion, that's just the sort of thing they should be used for. Of course, this is all just my opinion; but if we get too many more Jims around here, we may end up the majority
  3. "Bumping" a thread is when the original poster adds a useless post to the thread just so that it will move up to the top on the "View New Posts" list--trying to get more attention brought to their question. Typically you will see 4 or 5 posts that will only say "bump" or TTT (take to top) Makes for a lot of useless scrolling, and extra bandwidth if people have large pics for a signature, plus it's just annoying Here's an example of a "bumped" thread--notice the time that passed between posts--in the lower right corner of each one--some people just get impatient if their question doesnt get answered immediately (my apologies if this link is not permitted) Bumped thread example
  4. Here's a quick list of features that helped influence my decision to move to Mozilla (not using Firebird, but the full version instead--I like the mail client and it's "junk" filters) (and no, I didnt rely on ALL of the reasons) 101 Reasons to use Mozilla over IE
  5. I cant believe you forgot to include sunflower seeds I like the David brand ones, especially the flavored ones (ranch, BBQ, nacho cheese) My personal record is 12 bags of seeds in one week
  6. and Thanks to the turtles, it now works great--I don't remember ever seeing that setting before Head Bash Thanks for the help, guys Thumbs Up
  7. well, poop--this is a fresh install of winXP, running NS7.01 Guess it must just be my possessed computer acting up again
  8. OK, I keep seeing people comment on avatars around here--nothing new there, see em all the time on the phpBB forums I'm on. But I can't see em here? checked twice, no avatars in view, nowhere, nohow. at least not in Netscape--they work in IE (but I hate IE, so don't bother with telling me how crappy Netscape is--at least MY email program doesnt help spread viruses easily) Anyone else notice this glitch?
  9. You may be right turtle, I've seen it spelled both ways--we had it engraved on a plaque in our workshop when I was stationed in San Diego--the best we got was from the UCSD Language Dept: "Loosely translated, 'Don't let the bast***s grind you down'"
  10. I forget exactly where it's from, but I always liked this one: Illegitimati Noli Carborundum I'll let ya all think about it for awhile before I put it in English--maybe someone around here will know the translation from Latin
  11. Cool--you guys get to be my new heros!
  12. Well, I went ahead and got the $81 Sapphire Radeon 9200 from Newegg (free shipping!)-I prefer ATI cards, because I've owned a couple of Nvidia's in the past, and thought they were garbage quite honestly. Yes, ATI has been slow getting drivers out once in awhile--I can live with that, as long as they are getting them out--like I said; I'm not into hardcore gaming, so the basic drivers will do just fine for me Thanks to all for your input, you may now resume arguing about ATI vs Nvidia, DX8 vs DX9, etc Jim
  13. All good questions--guess I should have thought of that Looking to keep it ~$100 USD (if possible, lower of course) System: Abit KT7A v1.3 (non-RAID) (has a 4x AGP capability according to Abit) 1.13 GHZ Athlon w/Volcano 7+ cooler 512 MB SDRAM 2 WD 40GB HDD's DVD Drive (creative, w/separate decoder card) HP CD-RW drive SB Live! card modem, NIC Enough cooling fans to propel a small boat Driving a CTX PR960F monitor Will probably end up upgrading the mainboard and processor at a later date (who am I kidding--will DEFINITELY upgrade-as soon as I can convince my wife that I "need" to) so if the cards are 8x AGP, probably wouldnt be an issue, since most are backward-compatible I would think? Thanks Jim
  14. Well, my old Voodoo5 5500 is about to totally annoy me Let's face it--there is no more good support for it, and it only pretends to play well with WinXP. I am looking to replace it, and was looking to see if anyone had any recommendations. I've been looking at the ATI Radeon 9000; anyone heard good or bad about this card? Can you suggest any other good choices? I do some gaming, nothing really heavy-duty, so I don't need ungodly frame rates or support for a 40 inch monitor or anything--just looking for a decent 128MB vid card (AGP of course) Thanks, Jim
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