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  1. Nevermind about the many many pop3s, just talked to my boss. He says we will do the e-mail through another company. Ah, the power of executive decisions... Regards, Nate
  2. I see your point, and I agree. Our 'company' is actually a Charter School. We are switching over to an online system for teachers giving assignments and...stuff (technical term). I purchased a deluxe reseller package to host the two websites that we currently have hosted by 'other' web hosts. I do not believe we need a dedicated server for the online bit (the 'test' one using ~100 students with a discussion board they visited/posted to often only hit about 1gig of transfer per month at peak on the other host). However, if he really does want an e-mail address for everybody...we will purchase a server specifically for our e-mail. Thanks for the speedy replies! Rock Sign Regards, Nate PS: Is it possbile to have multiple domains on a dedicated?
  3. Ok, I really needed the ability to batch create/remove e-mail accounts (boss wants e-mail for everyone in company). In Cpanel you can only do one at a time (lots of typing and clicking)....I submitted a trouble ticket saying something like "help, I need to batch create/remove e-mail addresses, can this be implemented?" I got: As a reply. So, uh...I sorta made one myself. It seems to work just fine (created 100 test accounts w/o any problems). If this is breaking a rule somewhere, please tell me. Otherwise, yay! Regards, Nate PS: It's still goes through CPanel to do it...
  4. Would anyone be interested in a script that uses the GD library to draw a picture of foreign key constraints in their MySQL/Innodb database? I haven't been able to find anything free out there that does it. If so I'll share what I've done so far. If not I'll just keep it to myself See it in action drawing the mess I've made. Red dots are "parents" and blue dots are "children" in the relationships. l8r, Nate
  5. Yay! Okay, here's the deal. When you open a file in 'a+' mode the file pointer is set to the end of the file, so when I tried to read back from the files I was opening I was ramming my script into a brick wall (past the end of the file). So, I called 'rewind($fp)' before both read operations and it's working now. Don't ask me why it functions correctly under Slack and Win though...because now that I think about it, it shouldn't at all.... Nate
  6. My initial impression, this sounds to me like its a logic error somewhere in the program. If you can actually write to the file, that has already eliminated any issues you might be having with the system outside of the script. I'd be happy to take a quick look through the script and see if anything jumps out at me if you'd like. I can't promise I'll be able to find the time to do it anytime in the next week or so, but I'll try. Well, it has to be a logic error in the code. Otherwise all the other scripts that write/read files on TCH servers would have the same issues. It just puzzles me that the script works fine on my own boxes... One an WinXP machine running Apache2 and PHP 4.3.1, and the other Slackware 9 running Apache 1.3 with PHP 4.3.1... NEway, I'll keep poking at it. But I may take you up on the offer to look at it if I get too frustrated... Nate
  7. I've done all the debugging I could possibly do... I have a little chat script written in PHP that I've been playing around with. It works fine on my WinXP box, and on my Linux box, but I've tried it on two different web hosts including my account with TCH and I always get erros when the script tries to read or write to it's files. I could tweak it to use a database, but that would make it harder just to drop into a folder and have it work. The files are called 'chat.dat' to track what people are saying and 'active.dat' to track the talkative users. If I use fopen($chatfile, "a+"); it'll open the chat.dat file bu~t...it won't read or write anything to it... When I use the same thing on the active.dat file it only writes one user to the file...no more...no less...one is the number that it writes... I'm very confused...any questions or answers?
  8. Erg...I clicked on "view results (null vote)" and it really did make me vote null... My 2 cents: AWStats is...busy...and it has no stats for years < 2003...and there's no link back to the cpanel... (that was obvious to me at 12:07 in the morn)...annoying after clicking on the different anchors... Webalizer is nice and simple. (but the ftp stats don't work). I like the pie graphs in the analog stats, and the quick numbers at the top. Urchin stats just gives me an error page...hmm. --Nate
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