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  1. Ok thanks I may do that but right now I am not to worried cause if they are getting into that area they are not going to any of the pages etc. Which leads me to believe like you said they are not getting in.
  2. Ok thanks. Maybe someone else will know if not oh well no biggie.
  3. Thanks! I have one more question. I am sorry to be such a pest but about it Anyways when I put in that stuff above do I just copy and paste it exactly like such into my webbar? I then replace the yoursite.com with my site info correct but change nothing else and hit enter? Cause if so I get nothing but Windows cannot find and then that web address.
  4. hmm that lost me. So is this people getting into my password protected area or no? I tried putting in the h*tp://testusername:testpassword@www.yoursite.com but nothing happend? I just want to be sure no one is getting into my password protected area that is not suppose to be This is first time I ever used a password protected area and all.
  5. I have a password protected area of my site. There is only three people allowed to go to this area of my site but yet in my cpanel it has this Other logins (and/or anonymous users) and there has been like 526 page views in that other logins section? I am confused and was wondering what that is cause the other three people are listed but yet its says there are other logins and anonymous users?
  6. For some reason I can't get into my Cpanel anymore. Can someone help please? Mitzi
  7. -ERR Mailbox is locked by process 26302. Another mail client is using this mailbox. Please try again in a few minutes. I keep getting the error above when trying to access my email address that is for my website through my incredimail. Can anyone help me out? Mitzi
  8. Ok So i have decided I don't like the domain name I have anymore and its coming up for renewal but I wanna change it. How will this affect the c-panel I already have? Also what all do I need to do to get my account switched to the new domain name? I know I have to buy the domain but after that what all will I need to do? Will the stuff on my other c-panel just switch over to this one? All my files and such or do I have to move them? I know its alot of questions. Any help appreciated.
  9. Never mind they just helped
  10. I am really getting worried cause my Account has not been charged its fee this past month and I need to know what is going on. I sent in a Help ticket yesterday and have not heard back yet. I don't want my site closed so I would really like to know what is going on please. I was suppose to be billed on the 23rd of dec and here it is the 8th and still the money has not been taken out. Help please
  11. I am switching internet providers and where do I go to change my email for total choice? So that I will get emails that you send to me about help tickets and such?
  12. When do you usually get billed every month for your website? Is it the day you signed up on? Cause I have yet to see mine and it was due back on the 23rd or 24th. But nothing has showed up on my account yet and I have recieved no emails of failed credit card so I am just wondering what's going on lol. I don't want to loose my site.
  13. Thanks for that info. Now if I can figure out how to set my blogger up with all my own graphics. Do I do it like I do my webpage? Rock Sign
  14. Thank you Andy Though I have no ideal how it got messed up I promise I never touched it lol.
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