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  1. I dont have any experience with sql, but if thats not a big deal, Im game, Im always on the computer anyways. Dave
  2. If you dont want anything very large or complex, just a basic slide show, contact me. I might be able to do some cut and paste from your powerpoint and send back a flash file. Dave
  3. Ive been looking through all of the forums, and all I can find is that formmail is no longer supported because of security problems. So, I should use the TCH script. Im guessing that that is the "formmail clone" in cpanel. However, when i click on it, it first says The Actual Script is here: http://dngcc.com/cgi-sys/FormMail.cgi this is a problem, it may just be my ignorance, but I cant find any folder titled "cgi-sys", I can find plenty of cgi-bins, but no cgi-sys. But then when I click on it, I get another error FormMail-Clone The system administrator has disabled this script. Am I the administrator, or is TCH? If it is me, then how do I enable it and access it to modify. If TCH is the administrator, where is the custom script that is talked about in other parts of the forum. Also, does anyone have a working version of the script on their site that I can see. Thanks Dave
  4. I looked up PHP Live after seeing what the support desk used, but 100$ is too much for me to spend on something like that. I'll try some of the scripts on there, thanks. Dave
  5. Does anyone know of anything I can add to my site to provide support showing if I am online or not, similar to TCH's support desk icon. It would preferably be free. Thanks Dave
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