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  1. Rats! Mike beat me to the "add reply" button! ...dave
  2. Your second quote doesn't apply to the web space here at TCH. Just put your robots.txt file in your public_html directory and you'll be fine. ...dave
  3. When traffic takes off suddenly, it could be due to several things. (hotlinking, a new inbound link, publicity, etc.) Your best bet is probably to download the raw log files and browse through them in a text editor or spreadsheet. It's a pain, but if it is costing you money, then it might be worth it. Look for some of the larger GIFs that you may think are responsible for the bandwidth, then check the referer. If they are called from a page outside your site, then you have a hotlinking problem. Also, there are other web log anaylzers out there beside AWstats, you may want to process your logs through one of them. HTH, dave
  4. Yep. I still se it at #6 on 3 datacenters, via the google-dance tool. Are you outside the U.S.? Anyway, the formal syntax of the meta tag, according to http://www.robotstxt.org/wc/meta-user.html is There is no content="ALLOW" I think your tag needs fixing. ...dave
  5. I show your main site as #6 on google when I search on robflavored. There are some links to TCH forums, a guestbook signing, and your subdomain ahead of you. ...dave
  6. Hi Adam! I will just add my voice to the chorus -- you are doing everything right (better than 95% of folks with month-old websites). It can be hard to just sit and wait.... and wait.... and wait. With everything else on the internet moving at lightning speed, it is quite an adjustment to wait for months. But that is what it takes and there isn't anything you can do, above gathering inbound links, submitting to directories and the like. Google has billlions of pages to crawl and the simple fact is that you never know when they'll get around to your site. If you are already listed on DMOZ, congratulations. I am constantly bombarded with "it's been 4 months and DMOZ still hasn't listed me!" messages. Hang in there! ...dave
  7. Bill's new picture looks a darn sight better than the one from last Halloween. It must be the suit! Congrats on the way things are going, guys! Rock Sign ...dave
  8. Also, I read somewhere that having hyphenated names affected your search engine ranking. Some folks say it improves them, some say no. In any case, if someone was searching for "James" and "CPA", then the .com is the way to go. ...Dave
  9. Sorry, Rick, but I am getting confused! Do you still stand by your earlier post that I can get both subdomains (sub and www.sub)? Thanks, Dave
  10. Thanks, Lianna! Not really the answer I was hoping to hear, but its good to get the right answer, especially when it comes so fast! ...Dave
  11. Someone gave me a call when she couldn't reach a subdomain of mine (i.e. subdomain.****). She had mistakenly managed to get "www.subdomain.domain.com" into her browser address bar. Can we set up a "www" folder in a subdomain and then make it a "second level" subdomain? Just curious. ...Dave Rock Sign
  12. Congratulations, HG! It's good to know that I'm not alone. I like being able to run Apache on my local Mac and test out changes, then upload things to my TCH account. One caveat: OS X does not seem to be case-sensitive, and Linux, of course, is. I hope you enjoy your new machine! Excuse my drool! ...dave
  13. Although it's been a while, I wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions! I have been off doing other work, but I really appreciate the help that you offered. A special thanks to Tracy for all the personal help. I have tried all the different options and can say (surprise!) that each one works best for a different file. So I will be using them all, on a case-by-case basis. Thanks again! Rock Sign ...dave
  14. Thanks for the info! Rock Sign I noticed these referrers in my awstats yesterday and was curious. I clicked on one and boy, was I suprised to see my cpanel link right there on their home page! I basically freaked out for a minute, then clicked on the link and presto, I was back in my cpanel! Then I was really worried, but calmed myself by realizing that my browser had stored my username/password and that other visitors to this blog would not be able to get in. But it was pretty scary! I didn't realize it was a I AM A SPAMMER gateway, but I was going to report them here anyway. You guys beat me to it! As to these fake bloggers: ...dave
  15. There are a number of ways to check your IP address. This is easy: visit http://www.searchengineworld.com/cgi-bin/s...servercheck.cgi Your IP will be shown as "User:" under the main field in the center. You can also check some other things on this page HTH, dave
  16. Welcome to the family, Liz! I took a quick look at the source for your home page. The image files that the home page is trying to load are indeed in a "Soap Website_files" directory (which doesn't exist in your webspace). An example: >src="Soap%20Website_files/image003.gif" From the looks of things, you are using MS Office to build the site. Maybe some MS expert can chime in. I know nothing about "Publisher" or whatever you are using, but i can say that the "images" directory that you referred to exists, but is empty in your webspace. I looked via the web: yoursite.com/images. You can check it with Cpanel file manager: Look at "public_html/images". If you are seeing links in an "images" directory, it must be on your local computer. You need to be able to tell your software to upload the whole site. I know, not very helpful, but I wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck! ...dave
  17. I KNEW it! The camera must have caught you after a tough day fighting DOS attacks! Or maybe after a spammer! ...dave
  18. Hi all, I have several hundred pages of old manuals that have been scanned and are currently residing in TIFF format. (I only have the files, not the paper copies). They are mostly text pages, with occasional photos and illustrations on a yellowish background. The images are nice and crisp but, at about 4.4 MB a pop, unsuitable for posting on the web. They are generally about 1000px by 800px. Any thoughts on the best way to cut the size down while keeping the text razor-sharp for easy reading? Everytime I try to scale, change resolution, adjust the levels, or switch to JPEG, the text gets all fuzzy and yucky. I am trying to get the images easily viewable on an 800x600 monitor on a dialup connection. Any thoughts would be very welcome. Here's an example to give an idea of what I'd like a finished product to look like(although it's already been "optimized". I don't have a original TIFF online at the moment.): http://www.wilexa.com/dac/docs/docview/256/3 Any help appreciated, Dave
  19. Way to go Bill and TCH! Please make sure that you wear your safety belt! ...dave
  20. I am glad you liked my method. As for your question about a folder, you are the only one that knows a folder exists until... you create a public link to the directory itself or anything in it. By public, I mean a link that a spider might see. In your example you placed a "cars" folder under the public_html folder. If you have an index.html file, then the "cars" directory is hidden until you purposely put in a link. If there is no index.html file, then the world will see a list of all folders and files in your public_html directory when they typed in jscfan.com. If you have a link on your home page for example, to an image inside the "cars" folder, then humans might see that folder in their browser and investigate further. They might type in "jscfan.com/cars" to see what appears. A spider wouldn't bother. If you you don't publicly link to a directory or its contents, then people would just have to randomly guess names to see if there was a folder by that name. It's possible, but not probable. If you are running a car-oriented site, then someone might guess you have a "cars" directory, but if you named the folder "jhgasga" you would be pretty darn invisible! ...dave
  21. jscfan... There are three easy ways of doing this: 1. Via Web-protect (it will ask you for a password). (like Mitch suggested) 2. Just put in a small index.html page (like Charlotte suggested) and 3. My way! Via cPanel, select Index Manager. Click on the name of the folder to protect, then select "No Indexes". Then, users will get a 403 (forbidden) error. You can customize the error page if you like. Take a look: ** http://www.wilexa.com/lb/images/ ...dave
  22. I just found my favorite (i.e. the one I used) tutorial on ForceType: h**p://www.devarticles.com/art/1/143/1 HTH, dave
  23. Is it a propogation problem? I see that you are new here, at least to the forums (Welcome!). Did you move your site here or pick up a new domain name recently? If you post the URL, and give a quick description (old vs. new) we can check it for you. ...dave
  24. Zach... I have tried this on my site. I use the ForceType directive in my .htaccess file. (Do a google search on "clean nice urls forcetype" and you will find many tutorials.) Both the "slides" and "slideshow.php" files are really PHP inside, but I like this URL: **http://www.wilexa.com/lb/slides/up/2003-10-06/2 much better than **http://www.wilexa.com/lb/slideshow.php?currentPic=1&mo=&subj=&vw=&rec=&up=2003-10-06&all= I don't know that search engines (or users) care that much since people are unlikely to actually type in either one. But it makes me happy. ...dave P.S. I could clean up the second one to be **http://www.wilexa.com/lb/slideshow.php?currentPic=1&up=2003-10-06, but it still looks ugly!
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